HSBC HR Policies and Procedures Manual

At HSBC, we offer our employees the potential to achieve more and forge successful career journeys by working together. The HR Policies and Procedures Manual below is designed to introduce you to the Company, and to guide you throughout your employment here.

The Manual sets out the terms and conditions of your employment, as well as offering guidance on the high standards of conduct that are expected of you and some of the main employee benefits which may be available to you. It also provides you with information on where to find the main policies and procedures that will affect your employment, which for the most part are contained in the HR Policies and Procedures Manual located on the Company intranet.

This Manual is therefore a very important document and it is essential that you read it thoroughly and carefully before accepting an offer of employment with the Company or, if you are a current employee, as soon as possible after the Manual is issued.

HSBC HR Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF)

Highlight of HSBC regulations applicable to HSBC Insurance (PDF)