Donation and receipt arrangement FAQs

How do I make a donation?
HSBC has set up the following special accounts to collect donations:

Account name: HSBC China Earthquake Relief
Account number: 808-459085-001

Account name: HSBC Myanmar Cyclone Relief
Account number: 808-459077-001

NOTE: The above two accounts were closed on 31 May 2008

Hong Kong HSBC account holders can use Internet banking, ATM and telephone banking to transfer money into the account or they can use the branch teller service. You are encouraged to use non-branch teller services for donations.

For international TT transfers, please state beneficiary bank name and address as HSBC Hong Kong, 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong. Our SWIFT code is HSBCHKHHHKH and the optional bank code is 004.

What currencies can the account receive?
The account receives remittances in HKD and other major currencies, including USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, NZD, EUR, SGD, CHF, and THB.

Are bank charges waived?

Are personal cheques accepted?
Yes. Account names same as above. Please state 'HSBC China Earthquake Relief’ or 'HSBC Myanmar Cyclone Relief' as the payee.

When did the campaign end?
The campaign ended on 31 May 2008.

How will the funds be used?
All funds collected will be transferred to the Hong Kong branch of the Red Cross Society of China for China earthquake relief or, in the case of Myanmar, to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies for emergency and rehabilitation in disaster affected areas.

At the request of HSBC, the Hong Kong branch of the Red Cross Society of China will allocate the donation for rebuilding of schools and essential education facilities; rebuilding of hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres with critical and advanced medical equipment and supplies; and providing rehabilitation and psychological support services to people in need; rebuilding of houses and relevant water supplies facilities.

How do I claim a receipt for my donation?
For Hong Kong donors – Individual contributions of  HK$100 or above are tax deductible. Please mail the printout of your Personal Internet Banking internal transfer confirmation page or your original payment slip as well as a completed donation receipt request form to Level 23, HSBC Main Building, 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong (Attention: Corporate Sustainability, Asia Pacific Region). Your request must be received no later than 13 June 2008 (according to date of the postmark). Please mark on your envelope - 'REQUEST for Receipt - HSBC China Earthquake Relief' or 'REQUEST for Receipt - HSBC Myanmar Cyclone Relief' - depending on which account you have donated to. Your request will be passed on to the Hong Kong Red Cross for receipt issuance.

Phone banking users - please include the transaction reference number in the form. It will not be necessary to present additional physical proof.

For overseas donors – Tax benefits will depend on the tax law of the country of residence of donors and you will need to seek appropriate advice. Receipt arrangements are the same as above.

The Red Cross will only issue receipts to those donors whose names are supplied by HSBC, and will be unable to entertain those who directly approach them with their bank-in slips.

The two special accounts have received a total of about 150,000 individual donations. Due to the very high volume of requests for receipt, donors should expect to receive receipts issue by the Hong Kong Red Cross by end of September 2008. However, if you could consider not requesting a receipt, it will help reduce the tremendous workload faced by the Red Cross.

For enquiries
Please call: (852) 2748 3322.

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