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Health Insurance
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What is Health Insurance?

It is important to cover your life's most valuable asset - your health - even for minor sickness. Our extensive choice of flexible Health Insurance plans allow you to take care of you and your family's health in a better way according to your individual needs.

Products at a glance

Hospital Cash Insurance

HospitalSurance provides worldwide and 24 hours coverage with guaranteed hospital cash support. Apply online

Refundable Hospital Cash Insurance

Refundable HospitalSurance, provides hospital cash protection with up to 100% premium refund whether you have claimed or not. Apply online

FirstCare Medical Insurance

FirstCare provides for hospital and surgical cover plus optional benefits to match the medical needs of you and your family. Apply online

What else should I know?

General Insurance products are applicable to HSBC accounts and credit card holders only.

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Plan your life insurance needs?
A simple calculation can tell if you have enough life protection.

Do you know which medical protection plan best fits you and your family?
Complete a short quiz to find out which medical insurance offer you and your family the best medical coverage.

What type of life insurance is right for you?
HSBC offers a range of life products to suit your needs throughout different stages of your life.

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Investment performance
Unit price and performance of investment choices for investment-linked policies.