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Download Forms and Documents

Welcome to our online form centre. Here you can download or print out forms and documents designed to make your life easier.

Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Bank tariff guide for HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management Customers(Effective 1 May 2014)

Bank tariff guide for HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management Customers(Effective 1 February 2014)

ATM Card / Business Debit Card New PIN (Personal Identification Number) Request Form

ATM Card / Business Debit Card Services Amendment Form

ATM card/TripleAccess Enrolment Form and T&C

PLUS ATM Chip Card Enrolment Form (For Integrated Account)

Change of Address and / or Customer Information Instructions Form

Change of Address Form (For Personal Customer)

Customer Feedback Form

Customer Information Sheet for Inward Payments to Hong Kong

Demand Draft Application Form

Direct Debit Authorisation

Direct Debit Authorisation Amendment / Cancellation Form

Direct Debit Authorisation - Set Up / Amendment/Cancellation Request Form

Direct Debit Authorisation - Change of Account Number Request Form

Documents to be Mailed in Chinese (Personal Customer)

Documents to be Mailed in Chinese (Personal Customer) - Simplified Chinese Version

Easy Savings Registration / Cancellation Form

General Terms & Conditions (For Personal Sole Account, Joint Account and Business Account Holders)

GHOS/PSPS/TPS Application Form

HKD Accounts Consolidation and Closure Form (For Personal Sole Accounts Only)

HKD Cashier's Order Purchase Form

Home Loan/Home Equity Loan Application Form

HSBC Internet Banking Maintenance / Cancellation Request Form

HSBC Internet Banking Registered Transfer Accounts - Limit Increase and Maintenance Request Form

Internet Banking / Phonebanking / ATM Transaction Limit Revision Request Form

Integrated Account - Investment Services Application Form

Integrated Account Opening Form

Application forms for additional banking services:

Integrated Account Opening / Conversion Form - Investment Services

Personal Account Opening Form

Personal Investment Account Opening Form

Personal Instalment Loan Balance Consolidation Program Application Form

Personal Overdraft Account Applicaton Form

Personal Phonebanking Service Enrolment Form

Personal Phonebanking Service Special Instructions / Cancellation Request Form

Renminbi Cashier's Order Purchase Form

RMB Direct Debit Authorisation (Generic Set-up)

Service Fee Waiver Application Form

Standing Instruction Request Form

Standing Instruction Request Form(Remittance)

Customer Information Sheet for Outward Payments

USD Cashier's Order Purchase Form

Foreign Currency Cheque Deposit Form

Securities Account Terms and Conditions (For Personal Customer)

Overseas Securities Service Terms and Conditions

Securities Margin Trading Service Terms and Conditions

Unit Trusts Account Terms and Conditions

Margin FX Trading Services Leverage Ratio Revision Request Form

Margin FX Trading Services Account Closing Form

Margin FX Trading Services - Maximum Open Position Limit Revision Request Form