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HSBC Mobile Banking

About HSBC Mobile Banking

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About HSBC Mobile Banking

HSBC Mobile Banking?

HSBC Mobile Banking is part of HSBC Personal Internet Banking and use the current Personal Internet Banking credentials [ username, dual password or security code generated by the security device] to log on via selected models of mobile handsets and tablets. With the application design optimized for the screen size of smartphone and tablets, you can perform banking transactions at anytime and anywhere with your handsets and tablets smoothly.

HSBC Mobile Banking App support the following mobile or tablet devices

The following models are supported:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS version 6 or above
  • Android mobile handsets with Android OS version 2.3 or above
  • Android tablet* with Android OS version 4.0 or above

* Display screen size of 7" or larger

Accessibility of HSBC Mobile Banking App

Please download the FREE HSBC Mobile Banking App from Apple Store or Google Play.

For iPhone users, you can use your Hong Kong registered Apple ID to login your App Store to download the HSBC Mobile Banking App in and/or outside Hong Kong. For Android mobile handsets users, it is subject to the policy of Google Play.


All current HSBC Personal Internet Banking customers can enjoy the convenience of HSBC Mobile Banking service. HSBC Mobile Banking is free of charge and no extra registration is required. You may logon through either Dual-Password mode or Security Device mode.

Yet, depending on the service plan with your mobile service provider, you may incur charges when accessing the Internet. Please verify before accessing any Internet websites. For details, please contact your service provider for clarification.

Remark: For Personal Internet Banking customers registered via MPF or ORSO Defined Contribution Scheme, please visit Full Website for MPF/ORSO services.

Scope of Services that HSBC Mobile Banking support

With HSBC Mobile Banking, you may:

Before Logon
  • View H.K. Stock/Market Information at a glance and get Stock Quote (stock price with at least 15 minutes delay.)
  • Set up H.K. Stock Watchlist
  • View Deposit Rates
  • Making Purchase with Mobile Payments* (For customers already applied for Mobile Payments)
  • View home&Away Privilege Programme Credit Card Offers and online dining concierge service
  • Search for nearest HSBC Branches and Express Banking
  • Shop online with RewardCash e-Shop
  • Rate enquiries on Personal Tax Loan, Personal Installment Loan and Revolving Credit Facility.
  • View latest information for MPF and Home, Accident and Travel Insurance.
  • Access full version of HSBC website and Personal Internet Banking
After Logon
  • Trade H.K. and U.S. stocks (Limit Order, Market Order and At-auction Order where At-auction order is applicable to H.K. stock only)
  • Trade China A Shares - Shanghai (Limit price order only)
  • Real time stock quote
  • Set up H.K. and U.S. Stock Watchlist
  • Set up and receive Stock Alerts with SMS or Push Notification (Applicable to H.K. Stock only)
  • Set up ForEx/RMB Switching Services
  • Set up FX Order Watch and FX Rate Alert
  • Place Deposit Plus
  • Place Hong Kong dollar or foreign currency time deposits
  • Buy Single Trip TravelSurance
  • Activate Overseas ATM Withdrawal Limit
  • Pay registered bills (bill payee accounts have to be registered first on Personal Internet Banking)
  • Make funds transfer within HSBC (To self-named or registered accounts)
  • Make local transfer to other local bank register accounts (e-Transfer or Express Transfer)
  • View local and global account balances and transaction history
  • Redeem Hot Picks and Vouchers with RewardCash at RewardCash e-Shop
  • Apply Mobile Payments*, Personal Tax Loan, Personal Installment Loan and Revolving Credit Facility

* Mobile Payments is only applicable to eligible mobile devices and/or designated mobile network operator(s).

The related transaction limits of HSBC Mobile Banking, such as transferring money and making payment, share the respective limits of Personal Internet Banking while service cut-off times for various functions of HSBC Mobile Banking are the same as those of Personal Internet Banking.

Security of HSBC Mobile Banking

HSBC Mobile Banking is very secure by implementing the same security measures as in Personal Internet Banking to protect your interest. They are:

  • Security Device.A security code generated by the Security Device is required to perform selected high-risk banking transactions.
  • Encryption. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption technology is used within your HSBC Mobile Banking session to encrypt your personal information. At HSBC, we use 128-bit SSL Encryption, which is accepted as the industry standard level.
  • Session Time-out. If you forget to log out, or your mobile phone remains inactive for a period of time during a session, the session will be logged off automatically.

Tips to be highlighted


HSBC Mobile Banking can support the balance enquiry of all integrated account, current, savings, credit card, investment/securities (H.K. and U.S. stock only) accounts, but for the enquiry on other accounts/services such as MPF/ORSO, Insurance, time deposit accounts, etc, please visit Personal Internet Banking.

Bill Payment

Please add the new bill payee account in Personal Internet Banking before you can make bill payment to the payee via HSBC Mobile Banking. For forward-dated bill payment, you can make it via Personal Internet Banking.


HSBC Mobile Banking supports HKD and FCY transfer with
self-named and registered 3rd party accounts. For non-registered 3rd party accounts or overseas account, please logon to Personal Internet Banking to make the transaction.

Single Trip TravelSurance

You can purchase single trip TravelSurance for yourself, spouse and child(ren) at HSBC Mobile Banking. If you want to purchase single-trip TravelSurance for your friends/relatives in the same trip or child(ren) only or multi-trip TravelSurance, please apply it via Personal Internet Banking.

Stock Alerts service

At HSBC Mobile Banking, you can set up your H.K. stock alerts and receive SMS or push notification accordingly to your preference. If you prefer to change the alerts setting from Push notification to SMS, you can do it via Personal Internet Banking.

Security Tips

The following are security tips for you to log on to HSBC Mobile Banking via mobile handsets and tablets. For the full set of security tips of HSBC Internet/Mobile Banking, please visit


  1. Do not store your Internet/Mobile Banking username and password on your mobile handsets and tablets
  2. Install and update the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software regularly on your mobile handsets and tablets, whenever they are available
  3. Avoid sharing your mobile handsets and tablets with others and use your own handset or tablet to log on
  4. Do not leave your handset or tablet unattended after logon to Internet/Mobile Banking. Always log off properly when you are finished with it
  5. Wipe data on your old phone or tablet before donation, reselling or recycling
  6. If you lose your mobile phone or tablet, you should review your account transaction history through Personal Internet Banking (PIB). If there are any suspicious transactions, please contact Customer Service Hotline and report to us immediately. You should also enable remote wiping and report stolen timely
  7. Better set up auto-lock and enable passcode lock to prevent unauthorized access of your handsets
  8. When using Wi-Fi connection, use trusted Wi-Fi networks or service providers and enable security protection such as
    Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), if possible
  9. Disable Bluetooth if you are not using or set the smartphone or tablet to non-discovery mode
  10. Use default browsers originally provided by mobile handsets and tablets rather than newly installed browsers downloaded from other sources
  11. Don't use any jailbroken handset or tablet which may have security loopholes to log on to Internet Banking
  12. Don't install applications on your mobile handsets or tablets from mistrusted sources. Understand the permissions of mobile application before installation. Don't use untrusted custom virtual keyboards.
  13. Install updates and patches to your smartphone and tablet timely, covering upgrade/update of OS and other mobile applications. Enable data encryption in handset or tablet if feasible.
  14. Always type in address www.hsbc.com.hk directly into the browser or download our native application from official application store only to avoid going to fraudulent websites
  15. HSBC Internet Banking website has adopted EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation SSL Certificate). For Safari browser, a padlock and the bank name will be shown in green at the top of the browser. (Note: the padlock and the bank name may be hidden at some screens and they will be shown up by scrolling down the screen manually.

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You need to be a HSBC Personal Internet Banking user to enjoy the convenience of HSBC Mobile Banking. Not yet registered? Start by just clicking the register link below.

Useful Information

Smart security tips for Mobile Banking

Change to HSBC Internet Banking Terms and Conditions (13/11/2008)  With effect from 14 December 2008, the term "User ID" in the HSBC Internet Banking Terms and Conditions shall be replaced by "Username".

Stock Alerts Services

Change to Notes for Push Notification & Security (17/11/2013)