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Security and Fraud Centre
Security Device

What is Security Device?

HSBC is committed to protecting the security of our HSBC Internet Banking customers. HSBC will issue a Security Device to HSBC Internet Banking customers who need to access the services under "Security Device Logon Mode".

The Security Device has been selected by HSBC as the technology that best meets our customers' need for flexibility and portability, and our business volume requirements. The Security Device meets the Hong Kong Monetary Authority's requirements for Two-Factor Authentication, while providing the following benefits to our customers:

  • The Security Device itself generates the Security Code. As there is no dependency on a third party for security code generation, our customers do not need to rely on another party's service standard to access internet banking.
  • The generation of the security code is not dependent on capacity issues, signal availability or the geographical location of our customers. The Security Device is small, light and portable. It can be used on any internet-enabled PC. It does not require downloads, set-ups, system adjustments, etc.

How do you get a Security Device?

To apply for a Security Device, please go to "Maintain My Details" section after logon, then click "Apply for Security Device", or you can apply for it upon performing the transactions under "Security Device Logon Mode".

How to activate a new Security Device?

Prior to use, you need to activate your Security Device by logging on to HSBC Internet Banking.

For 1st time applying for the Security Device:

  • You will be asked for activation upon successful logon after applied for a Security Device.
  • Follow the screen instruction to complete the activation.

For activation of replacement Security Device:

  • To activate a replacement Security Device, please click Activate NOW.
  • Or, please logon to HSBC Internet Banking with your existing security device, and go to "Maintain My Details". Then click "Activate new Security Device" and follow the screen instruction to complete the activation.

When will the Security Device need to be replaced?

The battery in the Security Device has been designed to last three to five years.

When a Security Device battery is going to expire, it will prompt the following indication when the token is switched on.

Indicator   Estimated battery
BATT 2 = 2 months
BATT 1 = 1 month
BATT 0 = Battery Life is exhausted
  • After the above indication is prompted, you need to press the button again to generate a new security code.
  • Then order a replacement Security Device online.

Please note that there is no way for you to replace the battery. Tampering with the internal parts of your Security Device will cause the device to malfunction.

If you lose or damage your Security Device, please call (852) 2233 3322 for HSBC Premier customers, (852) 2748 8333 for HSBC Advance customers or (852) 2233 3000 for other customers to order a replacement device.

For MPF only customer, please call (852) 3128 0128.

All customers will receive their initial Security Device free of charge. Replacements, due to loss or damage, will be subject to a $100 HKD fee.

How to order a replacement Security Device ?

  • To order a replacement, please click here.
  • Or, you may logon to HSBC Internet Banking, click "Maintain My Details" at "My HSBC" tab, and under the Internet Banking column, click "Replacement of Security Device".
  • Or you may call (852) 2233 3322 for HSBC Premier customers, (852) 2748 8333 for HSBC Advance customers or (852) 2233 3000 for other customers for enquiries.
  • The replacement Security Device will be sent to you by mail within 3 working days (for local address) or 7 working days (for overseas address) of our receipt of your instruction. Please immediately notify us should you have not received the replacement Security Device within the aforesaid period.

Protecting your Security Device?

  • Do not personalise your Security Device in a way that allows others to associate it with you (ie. name, address, etc.)
  • Do not leave your Security Device unattended or lend it to anyone.
  • Never permit the Security Device to come into the possession or control of any other person.
  • Keep your Security Device in a safe and secure place, where it is unlikely to be lost or taken by others.
  • Keep your Security Device dry and safe from large temperature fluctuations.
  • Do not submerge your Security Device in water.
  • Do not expose your Security Device to extreme temperatures.
  • Do not drop your Security Device from large heights, step on it, or otherwise physically stress the Security Device.
  • Do not open your Security Device. It has several tamper proof features Opening the device, removing the battery or circuit board, etc. will cause the device to malfunction.

More Information

Report Fraud

If you suspect a fraud case, please contact us:
HSBC Premier customers(852) 2233 3322
HSBC Advance customers(852) 2748 8333
Other Personal Banking Customers(852) 2233 3000
email us

Important Notice

To protect your account from unauthorised access and being misappropriated, please contact us immediately if your HKID card and / or bank cards are lost or stolen, at (852) 2233 3000
We notice that our customers may from time to time receive bogus calls that claim to be calling from HSBC, selling products or asking for personal data. If you find the call suspicious or want to identify whether the caller is our Bank staff, please do not disclose your personal or account information but contact us on (852) 2233 3000 instead.