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Overseas Account Opening and Worldwide Online Banking

Getting started in a new country

Don't let the thought of having to transfer all of your finances abroad take the shine off your aspirations to work, buy a second home, or move permanently abroad. HSBC Premier can make moving to and living in a foreign place as easy as it is at home.

Advantages of banking with HSBC Premier include:

  • Your account number will be ready within ten working days and your ATM card, credit card, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) and chequebooks, etc within ten working days for despatch.
  • Guaranteed priority service for all your banking needs wherever and whenever you visit us. A local HSBC Premier Relationship Manager who helps you with all of your financial needs, including arranging your mortgage.
  • Our unique Global View and Global Transfer online banking services enable you to access and manage all your personal HSBC bank accounts through one single logon including processing fee free, near-real time money transfers with preferential exchange rates (a foreign exchange buy/ sell spread is applicable if the transaction involves a currency conversion, including cases where the currencies are pegged). For more information, please view our Global View Banking demo.

Wherever you're headed, we're already there

  • We'll transfer your HSBC credit history so that you can enjoy similar credit levels in your new country.
  • Your dedicated HSBC Premier Relationship Manager will take care of your banking needs and offer local advice.
  • Launch our Moving Overseas planner to find out more about how we can plan your move abroad.

Banking without boundaries

  • Access expert mortgage assistance through our local experts.
  • Personalised end-to-end assistance to get your banking service established in your new country.
  • Access our comprehensive online country guides to assist you when travelling, doing business, moving or buying property abroad.

Moving to Hong Kong

  • Moving or immigrating to Hong Kong? Let us provide more information about your new home and how we can help you settle in and manage your finances.

Leaving Hong Kong

  • Simplify your move. Our international banking services will handle the relocation of your finances, so you can focus on preparing a new home for yourself or your family.

Investing in Hong Kong

  • Even if you are not living in Hong Kong, you can take advantage of Hong Kong's wide range of investment opportunities and our expert knowledge of global finance.

Buying Residential Property in Hong Kong

  • Whether you are buying a new property or simply wanting to move your mortgage to a better deal, we can provide value-added mortgage services to meet your needs.

Offshore Benefits

  • Whether you are looking for offshore banking outside of Hong Kong or wish to invest in Hong Kong as a non-resident, we can help you explore a range of options.

Greater China Services

  • Stay connected and in control of your finances, whether you are living or working in mainland China, Taiwan or Macau SAR.

Non-Resident Indian Services

  • Our dedicated team can help you take advantage of our international banking capabilities and special facilities for Indians living abroad.
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Find Premier Centres wherever you'll be in the world

Find out more about where you are moving to and how we can help:

The information provided is intended as a general guide for reference. Benefits and features may be subject to local country regulatory restrictions. Please refer to the Premier Service Guide for detailed information.