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The view of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong; image used for Coronavirus Relief Special Press Release page.

Together we thrive

Novel coronavirus relief special measures

HSBC has deep roots in Hong Kong. We care profoundly about the well-being of our customers and our community. That’s why we’re offering comprehensive relief measures to ease the financial burden created by the spread of Covid-19 for some of our personal customers. These include:

  • Moratorium on principal repayment of residential mortgages
  • Relief Loans for those working in most heavily hit sectors
  • Insurance protection for customers

In tough and good times, we are here to help. Together we thrive.

Application and Enquiry Hotline

(852) 2748 8080 (Mortgage / Personal Loan)

(852) 2583 8000 (Life Insurance)

(852) 2233 3131 (Medical Insurance)


Coronavirus Relief Special Measures

Deferred Mortgage Principal Repayment Plan

If you have special financial needs due to the spread of Covid-19, HSBC can help with the Deferred Mortgage Principal Repayment Plan. From now until 31 October 2020, you can defer repayment of your outstanding mortgage principal for 6 months or 12 months, and repay only the interest.


  • Existing HSBC mortgage loan customers
  • Applicant must have good repayment record in the past 6 months and during processing of this application
  • Not applicable to mortgage with unauthorized further charge(s), government schemes (except Home Ownership Scheme, Private Sector Participation Scheme, Buy-Or-Rent Option Scheme, Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme and Tenant Purchase Scheme), Employees Benefits Programme, civil servant and other subsidized staff schemes and staff loans
  • HighAdvance Mortgage Loan will be subject to the approval of the HKMC Insurance Limited

How to apply

3 simple steps to apply

Step 1: Download Mortgage Loan Account Instructions Form  

Step 2: Complete the section of “Deferred Mortgage Principal Repayment Plan”

Step 3: Mail to Mortgage Business Service, 1/F, Tower 2, HSBC Centre, 1 Sham Mong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong or submit to any of the HSBC branches

For enquiry, please contact our Mortgage Service Hotline at (852) 2748 8080

Important Reminder: This service only serves as deferring the repayment of principal of your existing mortgage loan only, and interest on the outstanding balance will still accrue and needs to be repaid as scheduled. That means, the total interest paid for the whole loan tenure will be increased by the interest paid during the deferred period.

Before the application, please carefully assess your financial circumstances, future repayment ability and potential economic changes and the impacts on interest rates.

Terms and conditions apply. The bank reserves the right to make final decision whether or not to accept the application.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!