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Be a Master Chef! How much to enrol in Le Cordon Bleu?

With the rise in popularity of celebrity chefs like the well-known British chef Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay from “Hell’s Kitchen”, the number of people getting in culinary schools is continuing to grow. Those who love cooking may not really want to be master chefs but still want to advance their culinary skills and prove themselves! Well, there are so many courses out there and the tuition fees can be tens of thousands. The highly popular Le Cordon Bleu courses even cost hundreds of thousands!

French Le Cordon Bleu short-term courses from one hundred thousand upwards

In recent years, French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu offered the most sought-after culinary courses, famous actresses like Teresa Mo, CoCo Chiang and Suki Chui having attended its courses. Le Cordon Bleu is the largest culinary school in the world, with courses taught by a number of Michelin-starred chefs. Besides France, it has campuses in Taiwan, Japan and Shanghai, etc. The most popular course is definitely Grand Diplôme which is recognised by the culinary industry around the globe. Graduates will have recognition no matter they start their own businesses or work in related fields.

In reality, “you get what you pay for”. As a world class culinary school, tuition fees are certainly not inexpensive. Le Cordon Bleu offers different kinds of courses, such as short-term, French cuisine, pastry etc. You can choose according to your interests and purposes so as to fulfil your dreams. For instance, a three-month pastry course will cost you €8,000 (approx. HK$74,380) and a three-month cuisine course at €11,000 (approx. HK$102,280).

Professional sommelier certification courses cost only forty thousand upward

Cuisines and fine wines are a perfect match. But how to make good food and wine pairings so as to bring surprises to your taste buds? This requires advanced knowledge. If you want to better understand wines or are interested in becoming a professional sommelier, enrolling in an internationally recognized training institution is the answer. For example, the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) from UK offers courses that are recognized by over 60 countries/regions. Its courses are divided into four levels, including three foundation levels and one diploma level. Those who have passed examinations for all four levels will be awarded a professional sommelier qualification. Tuition fees for all courses cost around forty to fifty thousand, which is relatively affordable.

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