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Online Document Submission - 100% Personal Loan Guarantee Scheme

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Full Name (As per Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card)

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  • File format: JPG & PDF
  • File size: less than 5 MB per file
  • Maximum 10 files per upload
  • File name should not exceed 50 characters or contain any special characters
  • Choose "Take Photo or Video" or "Photo Library" on iOS device; or choose "Camera" or select photos/images saved in your Android OS device when you are using mobile device to upload documents
Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card copy
Residential address proof
  • Proof of your latest residential address in your name (valid within 3 months from the time of your application), eg utility bills, government rent or rates demand notes, a copy of the tenancy agreement or rental receipt, any correspondence issued by any government department (eg a tax demand note issued by the Inland Revenue Department) or public bodies to you
  • If you're only able to provide proof of your latest residential address in the name of another person living with you (eg a family member), please provide a declaration in your loan application explaining the situation and a copy of a bank statement issued to you at the residential address
Your submission is successful, we will process your application accordingly. You will receive a SMS or notification letter on application status shortly.

Personal Details

Full Name (As per Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card)
Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card Number

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Proofs of previous employment/occupation and main recurrent income (Waived for auto payroll customers)
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Proof of your latest residential address, or Other documents required by the Bank
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