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Why invest with HSBC?

Whether you’re making your first investment or expanding your current portfolio, there are 2 reasons you should choose HSBC. Let us show you how we can help you achieve your goals through investing.

  1. 1

    Your portfolio connected to global opportunities

    Investing with HSBC means gaining access to a world of investments: equities in emerging markets, funds from around the globe or bonds from overseas companies.

  2. 2

    A wide range of investments to choose from

    Whatever your goals and experience, we have an investment type for you. See what you could invest in with HSBC.

Plan your investments

You should know your financial need or investment objective, your current financial situation and risk tolerance.
Your objectives could incorporate any combination of the following:

  • Protection for your family
  • Education for your children
  • Retirement
  • Managing and growing wealth
  • Legacy planning

You should also understand how much your target is, how long you want to invest, how much you can invest and your own investment preferences.

You can choose from a range of different financial tools:

Traditionally, savings or time deposits are the safest place to put your money, but often offer lower rates of interest. Investment products usually offer potentially higher returns but with a greater risk.

You can open an investment account online in most circumstances. You must maintain a personal banking account with HSBC before s/he ca open an investment account online.
Alternatively you can also open an investment account at our branches. If you wish to open a joint account, you can only do so at our branches.

Opening an investment account does not incur any fees. However, there may be other account fees applicable depending on the nature of the account and the products held in the account. Besides, there may be transaction fees involved when you buy or sell investment products. Please consult our staff should you have any queries.

You can make use of our Risk Profiling Questionnaire to help you find out more about your investment risk tolerance.