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Renminbi Exchange Services

It’s easy to convert Hong Kong dollars to renminbi when you need to. You can also target specific rates so you can take advantage of favourable currency trends.

Foreign Exchange

  • Exchange renminbi with tradable rates around-the-clock1 using our 24-Hour Foreign Exchange Service via Personal Internet Banking
  • Simply convert your fund to renminbi to make the most of potential gains in currency movements at any time
  • Have the freedom to make other renminbi investments at any time when you spot an opportunity

Renminbi Switching Services

  • Buy/sell renminbi automatically when your pre-set target exchange rate and/or frequency criteria (e.g. daily) are met 2. You can also set the debit account minimum balance to make sure there are funds in your account
  • Minimum transaction amount as low as HKD1,000 or the equivalent in renminbi
  • Set your switching instructions anywhere at any time, through Personal Internet Banking and mobile banking
  • Free eAlerts via SMS text message or email when switching successful

1The service (exclude USD/ConbiNation Passbook Savings account) operates from Monday 5am to Saturday 4:59am and Saturday 8am to 4:30pm. For USD/CombiNation Passbook Savings accounts, the service operates from Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturday 8am to 4:30pm. However, the service is not available on 1 January, 25 December, 12 midnight to 7:59am on 26 December and 2 January and when a Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon No. 8 signal or above has been hoisted.

2Customers must have a valid Renminbi Savings Account for the Renminbi Switching instructions to be effected. Renminbi Switching Service is available only to HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance, Personal Integrated Account customers, Renminbi Savings Account, HK Dollar Statement Savings Account and Combinations Statement Savings Account customers.

How to apply

HSBC Personal Internet Banking customers

You will need a Security Device / Mobile Security Key to log on and apply

Log on

New customers or HSBC customers without a Security Device / Mobile Security Key

Apply online

Foreign currency management tools

 Currency Exchange Rates

 Currency Calculator

Daily FX Focus

Daily FX updates enable you to grasp current market trends

Foreign Currency Savings Account

Manage your savings across different currencies flexibly and earn interest on your account balance.

Foreign Currency Time Deposit

Lock away your money for a set period and earn interest at an attractive rate on a range of currencies.

Transfers and payments

Transfer funds to any account in Hong Kong, China and around the world easily, securely and quickly.

Pre-order foreign currency

Save time by ordering your currency for your travels in advance. Order and pick up in a branch4.
4 Applicable to HSBC Premier customers only.

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Other customers call
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Risk Disclosure Select to Expand Select to Collapse

Foreign Exchange Risk Disclosure
  • Currency conversion risk - the value of your foreign currency and renminbi deposit will be subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuation. If you choose to convert your foreign currency and renminbi deposit to other currencies at an exchange rate that is less favourable than the exchange rate in which you made your original conversion to foreign currency and renminbi, you may suffer loss in principal.