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Set your goals and take proper steps in planning your retirement

Here are the four steps to begin with:

  • 1.Target retirement savings

    • What is your desired age of retirement?
    • What is your preferred retirement lifestyle?

    After setting your desired age to retire and projected monthly living expenses, you can work out your required monthly savings through a financial planning review meeting.

  • 2.Retirement savings period

    This is the number of years you have to plan for retirement. Put your savings priorities in order and beware of how major life events affect your saving for retirement.

  • 3.Post retirement living expenses

    • Hong Kong people aspire to have HKD572,2801 per year for a comfortable retirement, but how much do you actually need may be different.
    • Be realistic about your retirement needs. While most people may think monthly expense will be substantially lower during retirement years, you shouldn’t underestimate the increasing medical expenses when you grow older.
    • Research shows a person at age 65 or older uses 6 times more in-patient care on average1
    • By 2050, almost 1 out of 3 persons in Hong Kong will be 65 or older2, indicating the resources to support seniors population will be highly affected.

  • 4.Protection for family

  • This is the protection amount for your family, for example:

    • How much do you need to support your family, and for how long?
    • Would this amount be different if you cannot support them in case of an unfortunate event?
    • Do you have any unpaid debts, e.g. mortgage balance?
    • What is the estimated reserve for your children’s education?

    Delays are costly

    Waiting too long to start your retirement savings plan can have a huge impact on saving effort. A delay of just a few years may increase your monthly savings by thousands of dollars as the following table shows.

    Monthly savings required at your current age to accumulate every HKD 1 million (Assuming 5% p.a. return)

    Monthly savings required at your current age to accumulate every HKD 1 million (Assuming 5% p.a. return)

    (1) The “Required Monthly Savings” amount rounded up to the nearest ten.
    (2) All numbers shown are hypothetical and for illustration only and is not an indication of the actual performance of any insurance plans or investment products. The insurance solutions referred in this document are subject to risks, fees and charges and may have a minimum payment period. Please arrange a financial planning review meeting for professional advice.

    For example:

    • If your current age is 30 and you want to retire at 60 years old, then you have to save HKD1,210 per month for every HKD 1 million of retirement savings.
    • Delaying the start of your savings plan by 10 years (from 30 to 40) means you would have to save double per month to reach the same target.
    • The earlier you start saving for your retirement, the less you will need to contribute monthly, and the more you can save with your wealth growing with compound interest over the long-run.

    1Source: 2016 HSBC Retirement Monitor

    2Source: Your Health Your Life Health Care Reform Consultation Document (March 2008)

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