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Managing the challenges

  • Hong Kong people have a long life span. By 2041,the average life expectancy at birth of men and women in Hong Kong is estimated to rise to 84.4 years and 90.8 years respectively 1.
  • Working population in Hong Kong expect to live an average of 23 years in retirement. However, Hong Kong people also expect their savings will be running out after 13 years, leaving a potentially devastating 10 years income gap2.
  • This gives an indication that you will need to manage your financial assets to make sure that they don’t run out during retirement.
  • You need not only to start savings early for your retirement years, but also to protect your funds against the effects of inflation and other economic uncertainties.

Surging inflation

From inflation of 1%3 (in 2004) to inflation of 4.4%3 (in 2015) now, the cost of living is gradually increasing. If we wish to maintain our current lifestyle, we have to keep up with the ballooning price levels.

Rising medical costs

  • Many countries have experienced double-digit growth in medical costs and, in the vast majority (95%), the trend exceeded the rates of general inflation4.
  • You should not underestimate the increased medical expenses during retirement years.

Evolving family dynamics

  • By 2041, 30 per cent of the Hong Kong population will be aged over 655.
  • With the aging population, it is anticipated that funding elderly parents whilst in retirement will become more commonplace.
  • Research6 indicated an ongoing financial responsibilities for elderly parents and other dependents. One should plan their retirement with family in mind.

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6Source: 2013 HSBC “Future of Retirement – Life after works?” Survey

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