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HSBC Prime Club

Reap rewards through exclusive wealth and international education partnership offers

Join HSBC Premier to get up to HKD48,000 worth in welcome rewards. T&Cs apply.

The icing on the cake for investing your time with us

Joining HSBC Prime Club brings you more than just status recognition. Unlock easy access to more exclusive wealth experiences, international education support and lifestyle privileges. Discover various bonus surprises tailored to your needs, to help you achieve your financial goals when you invest with us.

You'll automatically become an HSBC Prime Club member when you've maintained a Total Relationship Balance of HKD3 million for the past 3 months – no registration and no fees required. Just sit back and enjoy your rewards!

See what HSBC Prime Club has to offer

Find out what you can enjoy by being a part of HSBC Prime Club.

Welcome offers

Yet another reason to join HSBC Prime Club, if you're new to HSBC Premier!

New customers will receive exclusive welcome gifts worth up to HKD16,000. Let your ambitions take you and your family towards new opportunities around the world through our services:

  • Free 1-year Overseas Study Concierge Membership with 24/7 personal assistance service (reference value up to HKD1,500)
  • Complimentary value-added service: choose either the Overseas Airport Limousine Service or Amber Education's Study Visa Arrangement Service (reference value up to HKD4,500)
  • Free 1-year Hong Kong Legal Training Institute (HKLTI) Membership: enjoy 10% off all HKLTI courses, and life-long training and lifestyle benefits available for members only (reference value up to HKD10,000)

For offer details, terms and conditions, please refer to HSBC Premier International Education & Lifestyle Privileges Booklet [PDF].

Wealth offers

Unlock a comprehensive list of exclusive wealth management offers suited to those who are new to investing and those who are already sophisticated investors.

Investment involves risk. Please refer to the "Important Risk Warning" and "Risk Disclosure" sections in the Terms and Conditions for HSBC Prime Club Wealth offers for details.

See terms and conditons [PDF]

You deserve so much more on your birthday.

Enjoy preferential interest rates of 2.7% p.a. for a 1-month HKD time deposit or 3.8% p.a. for a 1-month USD time deposit, when you place a time deposit with eligible new funds with us during your birthday month. The maximum time deposit placement amount is capped at HKD3,000,000. Terms and conditions apply.

Remark: The above interest rates are indicative as of 1 February 2023 and are for reference only. They are not guaranteed and maybe subject to revision, as per prevailing market conditions.

International education and lifestyle benefits

Enjoy unprecedented partnership offers worth up to HKD40,000 to take care of your children on every stage of their overseas study journey!

That's not all – you'll also receive exclusive access and invitations to international education tours, summer camps for your children, and workshops and seminars from our industry-leading partners including Amber Education, Britannia, Arch Education and more. Don't miss their year-round privileges exclusively available for HSBC Prime Club members!

For offer details, terms and conditions, please refer to HSBC Premier International Education & Lifestyle Privileges Booklet [PDF].

Discover more privileges on HSBC Mobile Banking app

Your HSBC Prime Club membership details are now accessible via the HSBC HK App. Stay up to date with the exclusive offers and privileges of HSBC Prime Club at your fingertips.

Find out how to view HSBC Prime Club details on HSBC HK App.

Download the latest HSBC HK App on your mobile device to experience these new features now.

Become a part of HSBC Prime Club

You're eligible to join HSBC Prime Club if you're an existing HSBC Premier customer maintaining a Total Relationship Balance of HKD3 million or more or if you're an existing HSBC Jade customer. If you meet either criteria, we will enrol you automatically. Customers may also be eligible for HSBC Prime Club upon meeting other criteria designated by the bank. See terms and conditions [PDF]

Not yet an HSBC Jade customer?

Contact your RM or visit our branch to join HSBC Jade.

Eligibility: Total Relationship Balance of HKD7,800,000 or more. 

Find out more

To learn more about HSBC Prime Club or to find out how to become a member of HSBC Prime Club, contact your Relationship Manager directly or call us on:

HSBC Premier


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Enjoy the global banking support and a Premier status recognised worldwide. Access overseas property solutions and a full suite of educational support services. Enjoy the support of a dedicated Relationship Manager and a range of exclusive banking privileges.

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  1. The real-time currency exchange service is available 24/7 via HSBC Online and Mobile Banking for all-in-one integrated accounts and HKD Passbook Savings account except during system maintenance hours and special circumstances.
  2. Major currencies include Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, euro, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, pound sterling, Singapore dollar, Swiss franc, Thai baht, US dollar, and renminbi.
  3. FX Order Watch Trading Services are exclusively provided to HSBC Jade, HSBC Premier and HSBC One customers only. The services are only applicable for integrated accounts, HKD/FCY Statement Savings Accounts and HKD Current Account, except HK Dollar Passbook Savings accounts. Customers can trade via FX Order Watch Trading Services from Monday 5 am HKT to Saturday 4 am HKT during summer time (US daylight saving), and Monday 5 am HKT to Saturday 5 am HKT during winter time (non-US daylight saving).
  4. FX Order Watch Trading Services support cross rate between any combination of the 12 major currencies: Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, euro, Japanese yen, New Zealand dollar, pound sterling, Singapore dollar, Thai baht, Swiss franc, US dollar, renminbi and HK dollar.
  5. HSBC Global Transfers is an instant transfer to self-named or third-party overseas HSBC accounts exclusively available and free of charge to HSBC Jade, HSBC Premier and HSBC One customers. Please refer to HSBC Global Transfers Supported Countries/Regions and Fee Tariff for the list of supported countries/regions.
  1. New-to-FX customers can enjoy 0.6% cash rebate for eligible FX transaction on above selected currencies from HKD, up to HKD180 cash rebate. Terms and conditions apply. Unlimited 0.4% cash rebate on all eligible purchases via the HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card. Terms and conditions apply. 
  2. The promotion is only applicable through HSBC's 24-hour manned phone-banking service or at any of our branches. Currency conversion involves risk.
  3. Existing HSBC customers refer to HSBC One, Personal Integrated Account or standalone HSBC deposit account holders, and Personal Internet Banking users.
  4. Available to Jade clients with a Professional Investor status only.