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HSBC Voice ID is now available. Voice ID uses advanced voice biometric technology to verify your identity with your unique voice.

Making phone banking safer than ever.

  • Access phone banking through your voice
  • No need to use your phone banking PIN
  • Easier and safer to access your account through phone banking services

How voice biometrics works

HSBC Voice ID is a new technology that enables customers to use just their voice to verify when calling our phone banking hotline. With the use of Voice Biometrics, HSBC Voice ID creates your unique voiceprint which is used for verifying your identity. A voiceprint combines both physical factors (e.g. vocal tract, mouth shape and size, nasal passage) and behavioral factors (e.g. speed of speech, pronunciation and emphasis, accents).

How to enrol in Voice ID services1:

How to enrol in Voice ID services

1Once you have successfully enrolled in Voice ID services, we will use Voice ID to identify you automatically when you call us for phone banking services going forward. However, you may still be required to input your phone banking PIN, one-time passcode via SMS or answer extra security questions in some instances or for certain transactions or instructions.

All you need to do to enjoy Voice ID service after enrolment:

You can then use the HSBC Voice ID passphrase "I will need your help with something" instead of your phone banking PIN the next time you call either the HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance, or HSBC Personal Banking hotline, depending on your account type.

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