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HSBC FlexInvest

Diversify your investment portfolio easily with our multi-asset portfolios, index and money market funds.

New to FlexInvest? Enjoy cash rewards when you invest with us!

  • Receive a minimum of HKD100 cash reward when you invest HKD1,000, or up to HKD300 upon investing more than HKD15,000. T&Cs apply.

Investment involves risks.

Exciting rewards await when you set up a monthly plan!

Step 1

Log on to the HSBC HK Mobile Banking App > Select ‘Investment’ > Select ‘FlexInvest’.

The screen displays are for reference and illustration purposes only.

Step 2

Once you’re ready to invest, make sure you select ‘monthly’ investment type before you settle your transaction.

You can invest across multiple funds, as long as the total amount reaches HKD1,000 or more.

Step 3

You will receive HKD60 cash reward after 3 months, HKD90 after 6 months and HKD150 after 12 months of continuous monthly investments.1

Why choose FlexInvest

We make it easy to diversify in all assets and markets, by covering a wide range of companies, sectors and regions, and for as little as HKD100, you can invest and buy or sell our funds starting with zero monthly fees.

The readymade options

Not sure where to start? You can buy an entire portfolio using our multi-asset funds that cover assets across the world.

There are 5 to choose from with different risk levels to match your investment style.

Prefer to pick where to invest but not be overwhelmed with choices?

We offer 10 individual funds, each aiming to replicate an entire index and its composition – for example Hang Seng Index or S&P 500. You can rebalance your mix over time by buying and selling with no charges.

Fees and charges

You'll be charged:

  • a monthly platform fee, but only when your average holding balance (the daily average of the total market value of your holdings) reaches HKD10,000. See the table for how much you might need to pay.

You won't be charged:

  • any fund management fees by us, as the companies who manage the funds will take them directly from the fund's performance (read the fund detail pages for details of these fees)
  • for any trading activities—you can buy or sell FlexInvest funds for free, without any limits

Fees table

This table shows what fees may be charged depending on your average holding balance:
Your average holding balance Monthly platform fees
Less than HKD10,000 Free
Between HKD10,000–200,000
HKD28 per month
More than HKD200,000
0.8% p.a. of your average holding balance
This table shows what fees may be charged depending on your average holding balance:
Your average holding balance Less than HKD10,000
Monthly platform fees
Your average holding balance Between HKD10,000–200,000
Monthly platform fees
HKD28 per month
Your average holding balance More than HKD200,000
Monthly platform fees
0.8% p.a. of your average holding balance

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The screen displays are for reference and illustration purposes only.

Important risk warning  

  • Unit trusts are investment products and some may involve derivatives. The investment decision is yours but you should not invest in the unit trusts unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.
  • Unit trusts are NOT equivalent to time deposits.
  • In the worst case scenario, the value of the unit trusts may be worth substantially less than the original amount you have invested.
  • The information shown in this website is neither a recommendation, an offer, nor a solicitation for any investment product or service. Investment involves risk. You should carefully consider whether any investment product or service mentioned herein is appropriate for you in view of your personal circumstances. Past performance is no guide to future performance. Investors should refer to the individual product explanatory memorandum or offering document for further details and risks involved. The price of investment products may move up or down. Losses may be incurred as well as profits made as a result of buying and selling investment products.
  • The information contained on this website is intended for Hong Kong residents only and should not be construed as a distribution, an offer to sell, or a solicitation to buy any securities in any jurisdiction where such activities would be unlawful under the laws of such jurisdiction, in particular the United States of America.
  • The contents of this page have not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission.

Up to HKD300 cash rewards: earn as you go, when you set a monthly investment plan of HKD1,000 or more. Click here for full Terms & Conditions

  • The Offer is applicable to Eligible Customers who make total monthly subscription order(s) of at least HKD1,000 across one or multiple funds through FlexInvest during the Promotional Period (“Eligible Transaction(s)”). The orders or contributions must successfully be settled or executed in full within the Promotional Period. To avoid doubt, when placing an order in FlexInvest, Eligible Customers must select the investment type as “Monthly”. “One-time” order will not count as Eligible Transaction(s) for this offer.

    In the event Eligible Customers were already making Eligible Transaction(s) prior to the start of the Promotional Campaign, they may still enjoy this promotion and receive the below rewards by continuing their existing Eligible Transaction(s).
  • The cash rewards are to be distributed following the below sequence:
    1. HKD60 after an Eligible Customer makes an Eligible Transaction(s) for three (3) consecutive months (“Milestone 1”)
    2. HKD90 after an Eligible Customer makes an Eligible Transaction(s) for six (6) consecutive months (“Milestone 2”)
    3. HKD150 after an Eligible Customer makes an Eligible Transaction(s) for twelve (12) consecutive months (“Milestone 3”)
  • Subject to these terms and conditions, Eligible Customers will be entitled to receive the cash rewards provided that:
    1. the Eligible Customer continue to hold at least one fund unit in FlexInvest when the cash rewards are issued, which will happen within 2 months after the last day of the month  of reaching Milestones 1, 2 and 3 respectively; and
    2. each Eligible Customer can only reach each Milestone and receive the corresponding cash reward once.