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Hazardous Activities List

Work with risky objects

  • Chemical / petrochemical worker
  • Fitting gas, water or electrical appliances (underground)
  • Manufacturing, producing or working with ammunitions, explosives or fireworks
  • Metal working or welding
  • Operating or maintaining machinery (portable home and office tools and appliances excepted)
  • Working with asbestos or marble

Work in risky environment

  • Bodyguard
  • Construction worker or worker on a construction site
  • Disciplinary services
  • Diving or working with compressed air
  • Installing or maintaining lifts or escalators
  • Mining or quarrying
  • Reporter working in war zones or regions of conflict
  • Stevedore
  • Working at height of 10 feet or higher from ground or each floor level


  • Air or ship crew
  • Carpenter
  • Commercial driver of trucks, taxis, motor cycles and / or buses
  • Gambling establishments (Hong Kong Jockey Club counter and clerical staff excepted)
  • Jockey
  • Non-hotel managed nightclub, disco, karaoke club or bar staff
  • Outdoor jewelry salesman
  • Professional sportsman
  • Stunt person