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Online Document Submission - Credit Card Application

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  • File format: GIF, JPG, PNG & PDF.If your document is of a different format, you can open your file and then select ‘Save As’ and then GIF, JPG, PNG or PDF
  • File size: less than 5 MB per file
  • Maximum 10 files per upload
  • File name should not exceed 50 characters or contain any special characters
  • Please do not upload a password protected file
Customers with salary credited to an HSBC account, and those who have provided proof of assets, don’t need to provide proof of income. Other customers must provide either salary advice or a recent bank statement showing your name and payroll salary or company name
  • Regular income earners: latest 1 month record
  • Irregular income earners: latest 3 months record
Proof of employment is required for customers who are non-permanent Hong Kong residents and are employed. An employment letter containing your name, position, income and employment end date, with at least 10 months remaining from the date of application or a copy of your working visa.
  • Existing HSBC customers (personal customers who hold any HSBC products, such as a bank account, credit card or mortgage) don’t need to provide a proof of identity.
  • Permanent HK residents must provide a copy of their HKID card.
  • Non-permanent HK residents must provide a copy of their HKID card and a copy of their passport photo page. If you don’t hold a HKID, please submit a copy of your passport.
Other documents required by the bank, for example, Asset proof
Your submission is successful, we will process your application accordingly.

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This service is solely for supporting product application and not intended to give any urgent banking instructions or report any urgent fraud or suspicious transactions. Please call us with the hotline number immediately if you suspect any fraud.


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