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Online document submission – Credit Limit Increase

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Personal details

Full name
Per your HKID / passport
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Are you a permanent HKID cardholder?
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File requirements
  • File format: GIF, JPG, PNG & PDF
  • File size: less than 5 MB per file
  • Maximum 10 files per upload
  • File name should not exceed 50 characters or contain any special characters
  • Regular earners: from the last 1 month
  • Irregular earners: from the last 3 months
  • Eg A bank statement, tax demand note, payroll advice, signed tenancy agreement or employment letter
Eg A working visa, employment letter or employment contract
Eg A copy of your HKID card or passport page with photo
You've successfully submitted your application. We'll process it accordingly. You'll receive an SMS or notification letter about your application status shortly.

Personal details

Full name
Identification type
Are you a permanent HKID cardholder?
HKID number
Passport number

Upload documents

Proof of income
Proof of employment
Proof of identity

This service is solely for supporting product application and not intended to give any urgent banking instructions or report any urgent fraud or suspicious transactions. Please call us with the hotline number immediately if you suspect any fraud.


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