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We've made logging on even easier

As we continue to strengthen the capabilities of HSBC Online and Mobile Banking, we're making sure that logging on remains secure, easy, and seamless for you.

We're enhancing the way you log on

  • Less is more -  there will be fewer sets of passwords you'll need to remember
  • Recovering your log on credentials is now a lot easier
  • Seamless log on experience powered by new security capabilities on HBSC Online and Mobile Banking

Look forward to these improvements which will happen in phases from late March 2022 onwards.

What do I need to do while waiting for these enhancements?

  • Review your date of birth and contact details (i.e. mobile number and email address) to ensure they're up to date. Otherwise, there's a chance you might not be able to log on
  • Set up your Personal Internet Banking password
  • Activate Mobile Security Key on the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app (HSBC HK App)

Key changes to HSBC Mobile Banking

Our enhanced security features will give you a single log on solution across HSBC HK App, HSBC Easy Invest and HSBC HK Reward+ apps. All you'll need to do is set up your 6-digit Mobile Banking PIN.

One Mobile Banking PIN

Say hello to an even easier way to log on. From March 2022, you'll be asked to create and confirm a 6-digit Mobile Banking PIN that will be used across the HSBC HK App as well as the HSBC HK Easy Invest and HSBC HK Reward+ apps.

Faster access

Log on more quickly with your Mobile Security Key so you can get things done more speedily.

Easy access to HSBC HK Easy Invest and HSBC HK Reward+ 

Once you activate Mobile Security Key on the HSBC HK App, you'll be able to easily access the HSBC HK Easy Invest and HSBC HK Reward+ apps seamlessly. 

Please make sure to have the HSBC HK App (with Mobile Security Key activated) on the same mobile devices as the HSBC Easy Invest and HSBC HK Reward+ apps. Otherwise, you won't be able to use them when the log on enhancements are ready for you later on.

Learn how to set up your Mobile Banking PIN. Once you do so, you would've successfully activated Mobile Security Key. 

Don't forget to enable biometric authentication! With that, you'll be able to log on and verify transactions even quicker. 

Ways to log onto HSBC Mobile Banking:

  • Enter your 6-digit Mobile Banking PIN; or
  • Use biometric authentication (if enabled)



You must activate Mobile Security Key in order to continue using the HSBC HK App, HSBC HK Easy Invest and HSBC HK Reward+ apps. If you are still using a physical Security Device, it will be disabled once you've successfully activated Mobile Security Key.

Key changes to HSBC Online Banking

We have enhanced our security features on HSBC Online Banking to offer a simplified log on experience and secure browsing.

Secure browsing with trusted browsers

To protect your account from unauthorised access, you will be required to verify and select whether to trust your browser if you're using it to log on to HSBC Online Banking for the first time. Trusting your browser means we'll know it's you logging on, and you can do so seamlessly without additional verification in the future.

Simplifying the way you log on with trusted browsers

After trusting your browsers, you'll be able to log on and access HSBC Online Banking without additional verification steps. You can either:

Haven't set up a Personal Internet Banking password yet?

To strengthen the security on your profile, you must create a password before you can continue to use HSBC Online Banking.

What is Mobile Security Key?

Available via the HSBC HK App, Mobile Security Key replaces your physical Security Device and allows you to log in mobile banking easily. With the Mobile Security Key, you can generate security codes to access online and mobile banking services more quickly, safely and conveniently. 

You can also use it to enable biometric authentication to log on and authenticate transactions with Touch ID/Face ID on Apple mobile devices or fingerprint authentication on compatible Android™ mobile devices1

Your Mobile Security Key will be in the format of a 6-digit Mobile Banking PIN.

Here are some user guides for Mobile Security Key:



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