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HSBC Digital Academy

Learn how to use the HSBC HK App with our Digital Ambassadors.

Everyday banking made better with HSBC Digital Academy

Upgrade your banking experience with HSBC. Meet our Digital Ambassadors and learn to bank at ease using the HSBC HK App. 

Why join our Digital Academy

Enhance your digital banking prowess

Master all the features of the HSBC HK App you may need to use in your everyday banking.

Personalised learning experience

Get the most of your HSBC account with tips and tricks to use HSBC HK App from our Digital Ambassadors.

Download HSBC HK App

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One touch and you're in

With the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app (HSBC HK App), you can manage your everyday banking needs anytime, anywhere. Discover a wide range of features and services on the app, and experience an ease of use like never before. 

Digital financial management at your fingertips  

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Open a bank account in minutes and manage your money on the go.
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Trade stocks, see market trends and get in-depth analyses and stock quotes on the go with the HSBC HK Easy Invest app.
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Discover the latest offers and deals in town, and make the most of your RewardCash.
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Split bills with friends in just a few taps and pay anyone instantly.

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