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Market talk

Investment Strategy & Advisory keeps you up to date with the current market themes to seize the fleeting investment opportunities.

Latest market talk

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  • The global financial market has recently experienced unprecedented volatilities on the dimming economic outlook due to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Central banks and governments are launching sweeping easing measures and stimulus packages to shore up the reeling economy
  • How to navigate the volatilities to seize the investment opportunities in the new era of easing?
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Investment Strategy & Advisory – Connection to investment opportunities

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  • Team of experienced strategists with expertise in different areas, different sectors, and different markets
  • We provide timely, innovative, and thought-provoking research ideas and services
  • We connect YOU to investment opportunities

Investment Strategy & Advisory - Value-added services

Professional analysis and Investment advice

  • All-round analysis on multi-assets and financial markets
  • In-depth analysis on the outlook of macros, sectors and stocks
  • Quantitative techniques and market fund flow study
  • Formulation of trading ideas for different investment horizons

Value-added interactions with Investment experts

  • Regular and ad hoc investment events
  • Insightful analysis by seasoned analysts and investment professionals
  • Direct interactions with investment experts for insight sharing and investment advice

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