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Gold bars placed on a table; image used in leveraged foreign exchange and precious metals product

Leveraged FX and precious metals

The world's foreign exchange markets (forex) are mature, facilitating not only international trade settlements, but also offering investment and trading opportunities.

HSBC Broking offers competitive quotes in major currencies to facilitate foreign currency investment and margin trading. Our dealers monitor market events closely, and our professional relationship managers will provide you with the latest market developments upon request.

Precious metals are often regarded as universal currencies or commodities with proven commercial, industrial or investment value. Many central banks hold gold as part of their core reserves; some retail investors use gold as an alternative investment.

HSBC Broking helps investors trade in the spot gold and silver markets, on a fully paid or margin basis. In addition, customers can choose to trade a wider range of precious metals in the form of futures and options.

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Leveraged foreign exchange

Leveraged foreign exchange (forex) is a “geared” investment on a contract basis. Forex contracts are traded OTC (over the counter) in the dealers market rather than on an exchange. By opening a leveraged forex contract, you are investing in one currency on a margin basis with the expectation that its exchange rate against another currency will rise or fall.

Why consider leveraged forex trading?

You could consider leveraged forex trading if

  • You have a speculative risk attitude
  • You're looking for leveraged investment in currencies
  • You have a directional view on currency movement
  • You're prepared to accept the risk that gearing may have on your trading profit and loss. With a high gearing, a small movement in exchange rates may result in a profit or loss that is proportionally large in proportion to the minimum margin requirement
  • You're able to pay any rollover interest that may be charged to your account for maintaining an open position

HSBC Broking Forex helps you capture investment opportunities in the currency markets whenever they arise. Our dedicated team of forex dealers is always ready to provide you with forex quotations, and to closely monitor currency market movements.

To learn more about leveraged foreign exchange, please click here [PDF].

Precious metals

Loco-London Gold refers to gold settled in London with a purity of at least 99.5%. Trading in Hong Kong is mainly in board lots, with each board lot representing 100 ounces and transactions mainly executed in multiples of 100 ounces. Loco-London Gold trading in Hong Kong generally does not involve physical delivery.

HSBC Broking offers Precious Metals products, including Loco-London gold and silver settled in USD, on a spot and margin basis. Our dealers monitor the market closely and our relationship managers are able to support you with information on the latest market developments.

We offer a variety of order types: normal market order, limit order, stop order, day order, etc., allowing you to trade flexibly, and competitive trading spreads according to prevailing market conditions. This flexibility increases your investment opportunities in precious metals and helps you to diversify personal investment portfolio.

HSBC Broking Services (Asia) Limited offers acts as an intermediary in trading in precious metals, including Loco-London gold and silver settled in USD, and has registered as Category A registrant of Dealers in Precious Metals and Stones Registration Regime under the Customs and Excise Department. Registration No.: A-B-23-09-01595.