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By signing up for this service, you can access your statements/ advices through email anytime, anywhere. This environmentally friendly service helps reduce your paper consumption. You will also have the option to print your eStatements or to save the eStatements to your own computer.

Benefit of using eStatement/eAdvice services

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Space saving
  • Free of charge
  • Secure platform
  • Timely and convenient

How can I view my eStatemet/eAdvice?

Simple steps to view your eStatement/eAdvice:

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Step 1. Apply for eStatement/eAdvice service

Submit a completed and signed eStatement / eAdvice Services Application Form by post or in person.

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Step 2. Receive and open your eStatement/eAdvice

After your application is processed, your eStatement / eAdvice will be sent as an attachment to your registered email address. You can follow the instruction on the email to open your encrypted eStatement / eAdvice.


Upon successful application for eStatement / eAdvice service, we will be sending a confirmation email to your registered email address. For more details, please refer to the eStatement/eAdvice User Guide.

Important notice

To protect you and our systems, you may not be able to access Digital Trading Services on some of the older web browsers. Generally, the latest versions of a browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari) have the most up-to-date security features. If you're using outdated browser versions, be sure to upgrade your browser to the latest version.