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A certificate with chops on it; image used in over-the-counter traded debt securities / CD product

OTC traded debt securities and CDs

About over-the-counter traded debt securities / certificates of deposit

Over-the-counter traded debt securities / certificates of deposit (CDs) are essential elements in today's wealth management journey. Both have similar characteristics to loans where holders earn a return. Many investors purchase these products to achieve a steady return over the life of the investment or to counter-balance other volatile assets in their portfolios.

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By issuer - government and corporate bonds

HSBC Broking offers both government bonds and corporate bonds.
  • Government bonds

    These are bonds issued by a national/ regional government, denominated in the country's/region's own currency, e.g. US treasury bills/ notes/ bonds, HK Exchange fund bills/ notes, and are usually considered less risky with low default risk.
  • Corporate bonds

    These are bonds issued by financial institutions or companies to raise money for business purposes, e.g. to fund their day-to-day operations or to finance specific projects. In general, corporate bonds present higher risk, but usually offer higher yields.

By coupon type - fixed rate / floating rate / zero coupon bonds

  • Fixed rate bonds

    These are bonds which pay a fixed amount of interest for a set length of time, providing a stable return for investors.
  • Floating rate bonds

    These are bonds with fluctuating interest rates, which are linked to prevailing market interest rates. These can be an option for investors whose primary concern is to maintain a return that keeps up with the rate of inflation.
  • Zero coupon bonds

    These are bonds that do not pay out any interest prior to maturity; instead, they're usually offered at a discount to their face value. Earnings accumulate until maturity, when the bonds are redeemed at face value.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

HSBC Broking provides a wide selection of Certificates of Deposit issued by reputable organizations worldwide, which offer a guaranteed interest paid regularly or at redemption. Different types of CDs with various currency denominations and tenors are available.