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Digital trading services

Our digital trading services, offers you an array of investment options including Hong Kong stocks and China Connect securities trading and initial public offering subscription.

Benefits of using digital trading services

  • Simple registration and logon process

  • Fast and secure trading platform

  • Informative Research Reports

  • Free real-time stock quotes

  • Easy way to choose dividends from specific stocks

How to set up my digital trading services?

Simply follow the 3 steps below:

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Step 1. Application

  • Submit a completed and signed Digital Trading Service Application Form by post or in person
  • You will receive a Registration UID and Registration PIN by post after applying for digital trading services successfully
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Step 2. First-time registration

  • Visit our public website or HSBC Broking mobile trading app and then "Register"
  • Complete the first-time registration process and create your own username and passwords
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Step 3. Enjoy digital trading services

  • You can log on to your digital trading services with "Dual password" mode1 and start trade now2


  1. Other than "Dual password" mode, you will also able to use "Security device" mode to log on to digital trading services after receiving the security device. When you have completed the first-time registration, we will send the security device and the activation manual guide to you by post. Please complete the security device activation process before using the security device to logon to digital trading services. For more details, please refer to the  User Guide and Digital trading services FAQ.
  2. When you use the “Dual password” mode to log on to digital trading services and wish to perform any trade-related activities or review your personal information, you will be prompted to enter the SMS one-time password sent to your mobile number registered with us.  For more details, please refer to Digital trading services FAQ.


How to trade through NetTrader?

What are the key features of the HSBC Broking mobile trading app?


Apart from the above, there are several useful tools and functions for you to manage your account via digital trading services, such as the ‘account portfolio’ and ‘transaction history’ pages, and the email services inbox. For more details, please refer to the User Guide and Digital trading services FAQ.

Important notice

To protect you and our systems, you may not be able to access digital trading services on some of the older web browsers. Generally, the latest versions of a browser have the most up-to-date security features. If you're using outdated browser versions, be sure to upgrade your browser to the latest version.