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Digital services highlights

China Connect online service

You can now trade China Connect securities through digital trading services, our online trading platform.

Shanghai Nanpu bridge; image used for China Connect online service
  • Trade Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connects ("China Connect") with your digital trading services account
  • View your account portfolio
  • Check the transaction history
  • Enjoy real-time China Connect stock quote

Notes for using China Connect Online Service

  • The 6 digit prefix of the account number of your existing securities account(s) will remain the same, and the China Connect Account will be identified with a suffix of “80” (eg XXXXXX-80)
  • The existing logon methods to access digital trading services will remain unchanged. You will be able to manage both your existing securities account and China Connect Account in digital trading services
  • If your China Connect Account has been set up successfully, you will be able to view your China Connect Account portfolio and place trade instructions through your China Connect Account
  • We will not provide any margin financing in relation to China Connect. Please ensure you have sufficient Renminbi funds in your China Connect Account before placing a purchase order through the China Connect Online Service
  • If you do not have a China Connect Account, you will only be able to view and sell your current holdings through China Connect using your existing securities account. Your existing securities account can no longer be used to buy securities through China Connect