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Read our latest insights curated to meet your investment and wealth needs, ranging from our house view, FX trends, global and regional market outlook, to sustainability insights, thought leadership articles and financial education.

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Capture market moves and our latest views

As of 9 July, President Joe Biden's approval rating is 35.7%, while 53.4% of Americans...[12 Jul]
US stocks fell further; Treasury yields edged up. [19 Jul]
Labour achieved a majority win in the UK election, putting them just shy of the 1997...[8 Jul]
While fundamentals remain resilient in the US, the slowdown from excessively strong to...[1 Jul]
Market expectations for Fed rate cuts have been on a roller-coaster ride, swinging from too...[23 May]

Stay on top of the FX market

Markets debate over intervention amid a sudden JPY move. [15 Jul]
AUD fell against the dollar yesterday despite Australia June jobs jumped beyond forecasts...[19 Jul]
The UK’s Labour Party has won a commanding majority in the general election, ending 14…[8 Jul]
Inflation is not falling as fast as the RBA had hoped…[8 Jul]
The outlook for EM currencies on the whole has not yet become favourable…[1 Jul]

Explore regional opportunities

Amid all the noise, from elections to geopolitics, ASEAN’s economic performance continues. [1 Jul]
China’s central bank is promoting a financial support scheme for affordable housing in a...[19 Jun]
China announced a slew of policy easily measures, from lower mortgage rates to local...[21 May]
During China’s National People’s Congress in March, the authorities showed their...[7 May]
We think the Greater Bay Area (GBA) stands to benefit from the government’s focus on “new...[19 Apr]

Keep up with ESG and new trends

Insect protein plays an important role in future food security, providing rich nutritional...[14 Jun]
Social issues related to matters such as wages and treatment of workers have been growing...[24 May]
Tourism, as we know it, is changing in the face of rising temperatures and extreme weather...[28 Mar]
The transition away from fossil fuels was mentioned for the first time in a climate...[9 Jan]
The scarcity of ESG investment products and fragmented data across the region have... [7 Dec]

Learn to invest

Diversification involves spreading your investments across a wide range of assets to...[19 Jun]
We surveyed over 11,000 affluent individuals across 11 markets and asked some simple yet...[5 Jun]
This article aims to provide you with a general understanding about Securitised Credit.[9 May]
Have you ever had a dreaded ‘what if’ scenario plague your thoughts? What if something bad...[3 May]
The returns of a bond are composed of coupon income and price changes. A key metric of...[29 Apr]

More articles

Like many fixed income asset classes, the year-to-date performance of emerging market (EM)...[15 Jul]
The Bank of England (BoE) voted by 7-2 to hold the bank rate at its current level of 5.25%...[21 Jun]
The French election has put the country’s public finances back on investors’ radar. Mooted...[8 Jul]
We still expect a strong USD in the months ahead…[24 Jun]
For its seventh consecutive meeting, the FOMC voted unanimously to leave the benchmark...[13 Jun]
The BoJ just said it would reduce bond purchases but delayed providing details until its...[17 Jun]