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Important Notices

  • The overseas ATM cash withdrawal fees on UnionPay network for Jade and Premier customer should be HK$20 instead of HK$40 as stated on the bank tariff booklet and branch poster.Please rest assured that this is just a printing error and the charges have been correctly applied in the UnionPay ATM system and there should be no impact to customers who use such overseas ATM cash withdrawal service.
  • Effective 1 Apr 2021, for all personal credit cards, we will only issue card with contactless payment function. The contactless payment function cannot be removed or disabled.
  • From 14 Mar 2021 onwards, credit card customers who are not Personal Internet Banking users, will be receiving credit card statements securely and privately via email. Please click here for details.
  • From 28 Jan 2021 onwards, our ‘Chat With Us’ terms of use will be revised to allow our automated chat to help you on top of our customer service officer. You can continue to chat with us if you agree to the revised terms found here.


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