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Currency Exchange

Explore our comprehensive currency exchange services tailored to your needs, from currency exchange to forex investments

Currency exchange made easy, online and on mobile

We offer a wide range of services that cater to your currency exchange needs, including real-time exchanges, overseas remittances, investments to grow your money.

Key benefits

Exchange currencies with ease

Make 24/7 exchanges for up to 11 major currencies[@24x7currencyexchange] online or on mobile, and learn how our Order Watch service[@fxorderwatch] saves you the hassle of watching the market

Shop and spend abroad confidently

Enjoy more perks with our HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card; order currencies online and collect them at a branch[@currencycollection] before travelling, or withdraw 4 major currencies from our RMB & Foreign currency ATMs

Global banking at your fingertips

Make free, instant transfers to HSBC worldwide through our HSBC Global Transfers service[@hsbcglobaltransfers]

Put your money to work

Explore our foreign currency time deposits and investment products or stay on top of the latest currency movements with our Currency Exchange insights

Unlimited instant discounts on currency exchange spreads of up to 30%

Join HSBC Forex Club and exchange currencies to enjoy unlimited instant discounts on currency exchange spreads of up to 30%. New currency exchange customers can enjoy an extra cash reward of up to HKD388.

Currency conversion risk involved. T&Cs apply.

Currency exchange for all your needs

Exchange currencies anytime[@24x7currencyexchange]

  • Manage and trade up to 11 major currencies[@24x7currencyexchange] with our all-in-one multi-currency accounts
  • Trade currencies wherever and whenever, on mobile or online
  • See how you can use our FX Order Watch service[@fxorderwatch] to set target rates—we'll notify you or help you convert the money[@24x7currencyexchange] once your target rate is reached, without any handling fees or hassle

Join HSBC Forex Club to enjoy great currency exchange pricing

  • Enjoy tiered spread discounts based on accumulated amount in the accumulation period. The more the exchange amount, the greater your discount. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Cover 12 major currencies by HSBC Forex Club

Transfer money overseas

  • Make free[@hsbcglobaltransfers], instant transfers to HSBC accounts worldwide through our HSBC Global Transfers service
  • Send money to other overseas accounts in over 200 countries and territories and more than 40 different currencies through our Telegraphic Transfer service via HSBC Online Banking or the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app

Spend and withdraw currencies easily

  • Get the HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card to enjoy fee-free privileges and to debit directly from currencies in your HSBC account; what's more, get an additional 0.4% cash rebate when you spend online or overseas
  • Withdraw RMB, JPY, USD or EUR at any of our RMB & Foreign currency ATMs across Hong Kong or visit our branches for other currencies
  • HSBC Premier Elite and HSBC Premier customers can also preorder currencies online and collect them at their nearest HSBC Premier or HSBC Wealth Centre[@currencycollection]

Grow currency at a better interest rate

  • Enjoy a deposit interest rate of up to 13.5% p.a. when you exchange currencies and place them in a 1-week time deposit via the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app. T&Cs apply.

Latest Currency Exchange insights


Your daily dose of FX updates, where we give you the latest major currency directions


Our weekly commentaries with HSBC's views on where specific currencies are heading


A weekly wrap-up from our local analyst on what has happened in the FX market


The calculator uses the latest board rates for major foreign currency pairings. To see what preferential rates are available to you, please log on

Download the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app now

Download the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app now

One app for all your currency exchange needs

Simply log on to the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app to start trading currencies on the go.

Learn more about the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app

Ready to start trading?

Trade currencies online

Log on to HSBC Online Banking to trade currencies 24/7.

Don't have an HSBC account?

You can open one via the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app to start using our currency exchange services in minutes.

Find out more

To learn more about investing in currencies with HSBC, check out our investment FAQs.

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    Currency conversion risk: the value of your foreign currency and RMB deposit will be subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuation. If you choose to convert your foreign currency and RMB deposit to other currencies at an exchange rate that is less favourable than the exchange rate in which you made your original conversion to that foreign currency and RMB, you may suffer loss in principal.