Types of loans

Consolidate your other loans and credit card balances into a high loan amount of up to 21 times your monthly salary or HKD1.2 million (whichever is lower) without any handling fees


Enjoy a preferential rate by consolidating your other loans and credit cards balances now

Spare cash you can withdraw at any time, on your own schedule at 1.90% p.a. for your first 3 months, and at 1.91% APR[@loans-introrate]

Borrow a part of or up to all of the principal from what you’ve repaid on your existing loan, without having to reapply


Redraw at over 1,000 HSBC ATMs, and pay back over a period of up to 60 months

Prepare for the 2022 / 2023 tax season with our low-interest instalment loans

A government loan to help you out if you're unemployed during these tough times


Enjoy a 18-month principal repayment holiday and a full rebate on interest paid

What to know before you borrow

Read and find out what you should consider before you apply for a loan

Learn the differences between a tax loan and an instalment loan to see which one fits your purposes better

Read about the 5 things you should think about or double-check before you apply for a loan

Be careful and watch out for these 6 things before you apply for a loan

Sending your child to study abroad requires lots of preparations and maybe even a personal loan. Let's look at them

Learn how a tax loan differs from a personal loan, and what to look out for before you take out a tax loan

Need help?

Find the application and servicing forms you need to take out a loan, and the terms and conditions for the loan

Find your nearest HSBC ATM, Express Banking facility, or branch with counter service

Get answers to frequently asked questions about loans

Find a suitable lending product to match with your specific needs by answering a few simple questions

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To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!