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HSBC Visa Platinum Card

Get access to our RewardCash and worldwide discount programmes, as well as Platinum concierge services and Platinum Club offers from Visa.

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

Get instant recognition and exclusive privileges, at home and on the move with the HSBC Visa Platinum Card.


Annual income of HKD150,000 or assets of HKD100,000 or above.

Welcome offer: Apply online to get up to HKD1,800 worth of welcome offers, including:

  • Up to $800 RewardCash or HKTVmall gift vouchers

  • Up to $1,000 RewardCash Cash Advance Fee and Handling Fee Rebate. Click here for details

Extra RewardCash

  • Enjoy up to 6X RewardCash for spending in Rewards of Your Choice category. Rebate rate at 2.4% (i.e. $4.17 for 1 mile)
  • Earn RewardCash when you use your card to pay bills online1

Visa exclusive benefits

  • Visa Platinum2 concierge services, including travel information and restaurant reservations
  • Visa Platinum2 Club gives you exclusive hotel offers, car rental discounts, and more
  • Available Private Label Cards to be applied in one-go:

How to apply

What else should I know?

Card offers and rewards

Catch the latest fabulous credit card offers.

Spend and earn RewardCash to redeem cash vouchers or gift items at our Rewards e-Shop, or offset your spending at participating merchants.

Enjoy exclusive discounts on dining, shopping, travel and more.

Don't miss out on the offers and discounts you get with your HSBC Visa Platinum Card.
Enjoy offers and discounts on dining and shopping all over the world.


Cardholder extras

Contact us

By phone

HSBC Premier customers
(852) 2233 3322

HSBC Advance customers
(852) 2748 8333

Other customers
(852) 2233 3000

Credit card activation
(852) 3163 0688

Credit card offers
(852) 2748 8033

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

1Excluding tax payments 

2Service and benefits provided by Visa International. The Bank is not responsible for any disputes arising from the programme. For more information, cardholders can call Visa on (800) 900 781, call collect on +61 2 9235 0260 or visit

3Please note that we do not appoint any third parties to refer credit card applications to us and will not process any credit card application that was referred by a third party under beneficial arrangement. For enquiry, please call our hotline at 2233 3000.