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Pay and Transfer

Save time by managing your transfers and payments online.

Make easy transfers and payments in just a few steps

We know how important it is for you to have access to your money anytime, anywhere. You can make a local or international fund transfer, or a bill payment, all online, in just a few easy steps. Simple, seamless, straightforward - just the way it should be.

Pay and Transfer options

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about local money transfer

Transfer funds 24 hours a day to any bank account in Hong Kong quickly and easily or transfer-in from your accounts maintained at other selected local banks to your HSBC accounts via Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation (eDDA) with your HSBC Online and Mobile Banking.

A couple is making an online bank transfer on a laptop; image used for HSBC International Transfers
about international transfer

Send money between countries/regions in just a few simple steps. Save time and money by completing transactions from home.


Make instant transfers to accounts worldwide. You can choose to make telegraphic transfers, or use HSBC Global Transfers through HSBC Online and Mobile Banking.

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about bill payments

Pay at a wide range of merchants including utilities, telephone, government and charities online using your HSBC bank account or credit card.

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about autoPay

Enjoy peace of mind with a regular payment instruction, sending funds to a third party on designated dates for specified amounts.

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about eCheque

A smarter way to manage your cheques. e-Cheque is the electronic counterpart of paper cheque, and is issued and presented in digital form.

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Set up standing instructions

Never worry about missing a payment by scheduling regular, fixed money transfers.

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Whether you are buying or selling you can work out how much you will get for telegraphic transfers or banknotes.


HSBC Jade, HSBC Premier or HSBC One can set their own target rate and automatically make transactions when the rate is hit.


Top up your HSBC accounts directly through HSBC Online or Mobile Banking from your same-name accounts maintained at other selected local banks anytime.


Take a photo of your cheque via the HSBC HK Mobile Banking App to deposit your cheque.

More ways to transfer money

By phone

HSBC Jade customers
(852) 2233 3033

HSBC Premier customers
(852) 2233 3322

Other customers
(852) 2233 3000