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HSBC EveryMile Credit Card

Earn unlimited miles as low as HKD2 = 1 mile and enjoy a wide range of complimentary travel benefits.

Receive up to $1,200 RewardCash/ 24,000 miles when you apply for an HSBC EveryMile Card.

The card that takes you further every day

Earn and enjoy rewards, no matter where you are.

Smart tip: 

Activate your virtual card and add it to digital wallets once your card is approved. Shop with your card right away for any online and mobile payment purchase. Enjoy an even faster and hassle-free shopping experience! Learn more 

Earn miles faster and spend them the way you want

Make your spending go the extra mile

Local and overseas purchases4,5

Every HKD5 spent = 1 mile

Designated everyday spend4,5 (selected local transportation, café and light meals, and online entertainment platforms6)

Every HKD2 spent = 1 mile

Selected merchants include:
Selected merchants : CITYBUS, First Bus, Caltex, TenRen’s Tea, eCup and MOOV
... and more!

Flexible RewardCash conversion7

Convert your RewardCash at a preferential rate4,5 to miles or points at 15+ frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programmes.

  • Get the miles or points instantly at 10+ programmes.
  • Redeem free tickets from over 110 airlines – the widest flight redemption coverage in Hong Kong

You can also make the most of your RewardCash on the HSBC Reward+ app by using them to:

  • Pay your credit card statements and transactions
  • Redeem gifts and vouchers at a discount

... and so much more!

Travel in style with these exclusive benefits

A world of travel rewards awaits.

Special offers on hotel and flight bookings

  • Agoda: Get up to 15% off on hotel bookings worldwide8 (Click here to learn more)
  • Cathay Pacific: Receive a HKD300 spending rebate when you make a single purchase of at least HKD5,000 on the Cathay Pacific app via Apple Pay or Google Pay9 (Click here to learn more)

Complimentary lounge access4,10

  • Treat yourself with up to 6 complimentary visits to the Plaza Premium Airport Lounge or free meals at selected airport dining outlets in Hong Kong and overseas per year

Complimentary travel insurance4,11

  • Enjoy multi-trip travel insurance for you and your accompanying family members
  • Get special coverage for your mobile phone and in the event of a trip cancellation
  • If you have any queries regarding travel insurance, please contact the dedicated customer service hotline from AXA at (852) 2894 4680

Visa concierge services12

  • Find the support you need no matter where you are with a dedicated concierge hotline, available 24/7

1. Welcome offer promotional terms and conditions apply. Please click here for details. 

2. In the first HKD8,000 spent, you can earn as low as every HKD0.3 spent = 1 mile, calculated as below:

  • Earn HKD8,000 x 2.5% = $200 RewardCash in total for your spending made under "Designated everyday spend" at a rebate rate of 2.5% (please refer to remark 5b for details).
  • RewardCash earned from welcome offer: up to $1,000 RewardCash
  • Total RewardCash earned = up to $1,200 RewardCash
  • Total miles earned: $1,200 RewardCash x 20 = 24,000 miles (at a preferential conversion rate of $1RewardCash = 20 miles. Please refer to remark 5a for details)
  • Earn rate: HKD8,000 / 24,000 = HKD0.3 / 1 mile

3. You can enjoy annual fee waiver for the first year as part of the welcome offer. The annual fee (HKD2,000) of your HSBC EveryMile Card will be waived for the following year simply by spending HKD80,000 annually. Bill payments and tax payments settled via HSBC Mobile Banking and/or Internet Banking, cash advance or withdrawal under the Cash Instalment Plan or Cash Credit Plan are not eligible spend to reach the spending requirement for enjoying annual fee waiver.

4. Please note that the RewardCash rebate, preferential rate for mile / point conversion, complimentary travel insurance and lounge access are exclusive to HSBC EveryMile Credit Card and subject to terms and conditions. For details, please visit Terms and Conditions for HSBC EveryMile Credit Card Reward Scheme and Travel Privileges.

5. (a) EveryMile Cardholders can enjoy preferential rate when converting RewardCash to miles or points of frequent flyer programmes and hotel loyalty programmes on HSBC Reward+ App. The latest preferential rate of $1 RewardCash to 20 miles/points.

(b) EveryMile Cardholders can earn 2.5% RewardCash rebate for Designated Everyday Spend and 1% RewardCash rebate for other local and overseas purchases. Some transactions may not be eligible for the special reward. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Considering (a) and (b), cardholders can enjoy the mile earn rate of HKD2 or HKD5 = 1 mile respectively.

An illustration of how HKD1,000 card spend can be converted into miles:
Eligible Transactions Total RewardCash Entitled

Miles Entitled

($1 RewardCash = 20 Miles)

Equivalent Mile Earn Rate
Designated Everyday Spend HKD1,000 x 2.5% = $25 RewardCash $25 RewardCash x 20 Miles = 500 Miles HKD2 spend = 1 mile
Other Local and Overseas Purchases HKD1,000 x 1% = $10 RewardCash $10 RewardCash x 20 Miles = 200 Miles HKD5 spend = 1 mile
An illustration of how HKD1,000 card spend can be converted into miles:
Eligible Transactions Designated Everyday Spend
Total RewardCash Entitled HKD1,000 x 2.5% = $25 RewardCash

Miles Entitled

($1 RewardCash = 20 Miles)

$25 RewardCash x 20 Miles = 500 Miles
Equivalent Mile Earn Rate HKD2 spend = 1 mile
Eligible Transactions Other Local and Overseas Purchases
Total RewardCash Entitled HKD1,000 x 1% = $10 RewardCash

Miles Entitled

($1 RewardCash = 20 Miles)

$10 RewardCash x 20 Miles = 200 Miles
Equivalent Mile Earn Rate HKD5 spend = 1 mile

6. We may update the definition of "Designated Everyday Spend", including the full list of merchants or spending categories from time to time, please click here for details.

7. Please note that EveryMile Cardholders can only redeem miles or points of frequent flyer programmes and hotel loyalty programmes, gift and vouchers on HSBC Reward+ app, but cannot perform any RewardCash redemptions at HSBC Online Banking.

8. The offer is subject to its programme Terms and Conditions and is exclusive for EveryMile Cardholders. Bookings must be made via designated Agoda website ( ) or by accessing the Agoda mobile app through the designated Agoda website. You can enjoy 8% off after the monthly quota of 15% off is utilised. You should check if the monthly quota has been used up at

9. The offer is subject to its programme Terms and Conditions and is available for both HSBC EveryMile and Visa Signature cardholders.

10. Please click here for full list of Plaza Premium Lounges and airport dining outlets in Hong Kong and overseas.

11. The benefit is underwritten by AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited and subject to its specific terms and conditions. You need to meet certain criteria in order to get the trip insured, such as having one or more of the transportation, hotel fares and/or tour package cost settled in full with EveryMile Credit Card or by the miles or points redeemed from RewardCash of HSBC EveryMile Credit Card.

12. The service is provided by VISA International and subject to its respective Terms and Conditions.

13. New Card Customers who activate the Eligible Credit Card, and successfully apply for Cash Instalment Plan with an approved withdrawal amount equal to or above HK$30,000 and with a repayment period of 24 months or above within the first 60 calendar days after card issuance, can enjoy an extra $200 RewardCash.

14. You can enjoy an Interest-free Payment Holiday welcome offer on your HSBC EveryMile Card where you can defer the payment of the statement balance of the first 2 statements after your physical HSBC EveryMile Card is activated within 60 calendar days upon card issuance without incurring any finance charge or late charge. No registration is required. Valid from 1 Mar 2023 to 31 Aug 2023.  Please refer to the Payment Holiday Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions for more details.

How to apply

To apply for the HSBC EveryMile Credit Card, you'll need to have an annual income of HKD240,000 or above.

What else should I know?

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