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Investment Performance

Set out below is the performance of the underlying funds corresponding to the relevant investment choices (for {{plan-name-in-header}})

Important Risk Warning

Please read the following carefully and select 'Continue' to learn more about the details of the plan.

  • All the investment-linked insurance plans ("plan") are issued by HSBC Life (International) Limited ("the Company").
  • Issuer's Risk - you rely on the Company's creditworthiness and your investments are subject to the credit risk of the Company.
  • All premiums you pay towards your policy, and any investments made by the Company in the underlying funds/assets*, will become and remain the assets of the Company. You do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against the Company only.
  • You are not investing in the underlying funds/assets* and you do not have any rights or ownership over these underlying funds/assets*.
  • Your potential return from investment is calculated by the Company with reference to the fluctuation of the performance of the underlying funds/assets*. Each of these underlying funds/assets* has its own investment objectives and associated risks.
  • The investment choices available under the plan can have very different features and risk profiles. Some may be of high risk.
  • Early surrender, withdrawal, premium reduction or lapse of the plan may result in a significant loss of your premiums paid and bonuses awarded. Poor performance of the underlying funds may further magnify your investment losses, while all charges are still deductible.
  • The potential return of the plan is based on investment choices linked to the plan which is calculated or determined by the Company with reference to the performance of the corresponding underlying fund, the potential return of investments under the plan shall be subject to the charges of the plan and may be lower than the return of the corresponding underlying fund.
  • Please note the following relating to insurance coverage and insurance charge:
    - Part of the fees and charges you pay that will be deducted from the value of your policy will be used to cover the insurance charge for the life coverage and any optional supplementary benefit you may choose.
    - Your policy provides life protection and additional coverage depending on the optional supplementary benefit you may choose.
    - The insurance charge will reduce the amount that may be applied towards investment in the underlying funds corresponding to the investment choices selected.
    - The insurance charge may increase significantly during the term of your policy due to factors such as the life insured's Insurance Age and investment loss. This may result in significant or even total loss of your premiums paid.
    - If the value of your policy becomes insufficient to cover all relevant charges, (including the insurance charges) as mentioned in "Details of charges" section for 45 consecutive calendar days during the policy term, your policy may be terminated early and you could lose all your premiums paid and benefits.
    - If you are in doubt, you should make sure the intermediary has explained to you and that the policy is suitable to you.
  • The investment decision is yours but we strongly recommend that you do not invest in the plan unless the intermediary who sells it to you has explained to you that the plan is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.
  • You should not invest based on the information of this web site alone and should read the offering documents which will be made available by the Company.


Please note: LifeInvest Protection Plus/RetireInvest Protection Plus/Savings Protection Plus/Super Life, LifeInvest Protection Plan (10 Years Maximiser) and WealthInvest Insurance Plan/WealthInvest Life Plan are no longer offered to the public. The information shown for the above plans is for existing policyholders only.

* "Assets" do not apply to WealthInvest Insurance Plan/WealthInvest Life Plan and HSBC Wealth Select Protection Linked Plan