Find out if you have saved enough for your retirement.

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Save more for your retirement dream and pay less tax at the same time!

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Simple steps to consolidate all your MPF accounts at HSBC MPF. Manage your MPF and wealth easier via one single platform. Act now to get up to HK$700 special bonus unit rebate.

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A one-stop platform providing easy access to key information relating to all MPF funds.

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A glance of the latest market outlook, MPF strategies and relevant financial tools for happy retirement. Watch the videos now!

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Learn how to plan your retirement to suit the future lifestyle you want. (The September 2019 edition is published)

Select your MPF account


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Find out what MPF is, why you need it, and what to consider
when choosing an MPF scheme.

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Find out the unit prices of constituent funds and download fund performance data.

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Find your nearest branch offering an MPF drop-in box and MPF services.

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MPF/ORSO hotlines

MPF member hotline: (852) 3128 0128

MPF employer hotline: (852) 2583 8033

ORSO services hotline: (852) 2288 6655

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is the sponsor and administrator of the HSBC MPF scheme.