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Find out about our commiment to ensuring our content and services are accessible

HSBC aims to ensure our banking services are accessible to customers with different needs, including the elderly and people with disabilities.


Permanent ramp / Lifting platform / Temporary ramp

If a permanent ramp or lifting platform cannot be installed due to various objective constraints, a temporary ramp will be provided.

The accessibility information in the Branch and Express Banking Locator section of our company website can be found.

Hotline number / Call button

If a permanent or temporary ramp cannot be provided due to limitations of building structures or footpath conditions, a hotline number of the branch will be displayed or a call button will be installed to facilitate customers to seek assistance from bank staff when needed.

Wheelchair accessible counter / meeting room

For wheelchair users and other customers in need.

Assistive Listening System – Induction loop system

Compatible with hearing aids equipped with a T-switch to keep persons with hearing impairment free from surrounding noise and assist them in communicating with staff.

Community Care Ambassadors 

There are Community Care Ambassadors in every HSBC branch who can provide support to any customers in need. They have received different trainings (e.g. basic sign language, introduction to dementia) to learn about the challenges faced by these customers and enable them to offer appropriate assistance.


Wheelchair accessible ATM

Passbook machine with leg room for wheelchair

ATM with voice navigation enabled

A visually-impaired customer can use a headphone on a *voice navigation-enabled ATM and follow voice prompts that walks them through the steps needed to complete banking transactions.

These ATM functions are supported by voice navigation feature:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance enquiry
  • Transfer
  • Change PIN

*Select “Voice Navigation-Enabled (ATM)” service under the “Refine search” function of Branch and Express Banking Locator

Easy ATM service

The Bank's Easy ATM service enables elderly customers to choose larger fonts, more graphics and simpler work processes when using our ATMs.

In addition, large-screen displays and special keys (e.g. on the digit "5", 'Clear', 'Cancel' and 'Enter' keys) were introduced to help the elderly and visually impaired customers.

Personal Internet Banking

To help visually impaired customers log on to Personal Internet Banking, HSBC provides a Security Device that features a larger display screen and audio capability.

HSBC follows the requirement of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in developing its Personal Internet Banking websites. WCAG are part of a series of web accessibility guidelines published by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative with an aim to enable the contents accessible primarily for disabled users. By simply using the "Ctrl" and "+" keys the size of both the text and images in HSBC homepage and Personal Internet Banking page can be enlarged to suit the wider needs of the community.