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Wealth financing

Our wealth financing solutions offer a variety of options to increase your liquidity without the need to sell your assets

Enjoy extra flexibility without selling your assets

HSBC's wealth financing solutions let you enjoy the freedom of increasing your liquidity without selling your assets. Get the support you need with our wealth portfolio lending, investment financing and insurance premium financing solutions.

Enjoy 0.75% p.a. cash rebate by utilising Investment Financing in HKD financing account

Limited-time offer: Utilise your approved Investment Financing facility to purchase unit trust with your HKD financing account and maintain your loan balance until 31 December 2024 to enjoy our Investment Financing cash rebate offer[@loans-investment-financing-cash-rebate].

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Key benefits

More flexibility

Unlock liquidity with a credit limit of up to HKD39 million to use on reinvestments, insurance or business financing—without having to sell any assets

Variety of accepted collateral products

We help you meet your wealth goals and protection needs by accepting a wide range of collateral products for Wealth Portfolio Lending, Investment Financing and Insurance Premium Financing

Competitive rates

Enjoy more flexibility with our competitive interest rates so you can go further and do more with your unlocked liquidity

Financing flexibility without selling assets

Wealth Portfolio Lending

  • Make the most out of your assets and extend them as a credit line that can be used for anything for your multi-purpose liquidity needs
  • Explore a wide range of accepted collateral, including Foreign Currency Savings Deposits, time deposits, Deposit Plus, structured investment deposits, Hong Kong listed stocks, unit trusts, Hong Kong exchange traded funds, bonds and certificates of deposit
  • Enjoy competitive borrowing costs

Investment Financing

  • Leverage your initial investment with a wide selection of unit trusts for higher potential yields and returns
  • Get access to a loan facility without the need for additional approval once you've opened and funded your invested financing account
  • Apply for investment financing easily at no extra cost

Insurance Premium Financing

  • Get the insurance coverage that matches your needs, while still having the liquid funds on hand after paying your premiums
  • Our flexible10-year term loan helps you with your liquidity needs—you can repay or terminate your Insurance Premium Financing early if needed, without any charges

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