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Making life easier with Express Banking

Banking, wherever and whenever you need it.


  • Buy single trip travel insurance, redraw personal instalment loans and more at our ATMs
  • Deposit cash instantly at our Cash Deposit Machines
  • Pay in cheques and get a full record of the deposit, including an image of your cheque on the advice slip
  • Update HKD or CombiNations savings accounts passbooks
  • Generate or reset your ATM or credit card PIN
  • New Customer Advice [PDF] will be introduced in all ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines, which shows transaction details in a more organised way for verification

Find the nearest ATM, Express Banking facility or counter service. Enter your location and service type and select the symbol to see opening hours and contact details.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

  • Manage up to three HSBC accounts on one card; transfer up to the available balance of these accounts
  • Withdraw up to HKD80,000 per day. Please click here [PDF] for more information.
  • To strengthen security controls for ATM services, the overseas ATM daily withdrawal limit (including cash advance) is pre-set to zero.
  • Withdraw up to HKD40,000 per day on credit card (cash advance) or up to your credit limit, whichever is lower
  • Up to HKD400,000 daily transfer limit1 to non-registered accounts
  • The daily limit for Payment by Phone Service (PPS) is HKD100,000 per card
  • The daily limit for Purchase via EPS or UnionPay is HKD50,000 per card
  • A shortcut of HKD cash withdrawal function2 is available for you to withdraw the same amount of cash from the same debit account as in the most recent HKD withdrawal transaction

The maximum daily transfer limit is HKD400,000. This limit is shared by all the available channels (the respective maximum sub-limit for local ATM and Personal Internet Banking is HKD400,000, and for overseas ATM and phone banking is HKD50,000. Please click here [PDF]. for more information).

It is only applicable to local HSBC personal ATM cards and credit cards (linked with more than one personal accounts) and available at all local HSBC ATMs.

Scope of Services

  • Buy single trip travel insurance
  • Redraw personal instalment loan
  • Withdraw cash
  • Transfer
  • Account enquiry
  • Credit card account enquiry
  • Credit card repayment
  • Cash advance
  • Bill payment
  • Charity donation
  • Change PIN
  • Request account statement
  • Request cheque book
  • Reset phone banking PIN
  • Activate phone banking
  • MPF account enquiry
  • Change language
  • Close account
  • Deposit
  • Set overseas withdrawal limit (including cash advance)
  • Voice Navigation Enabled (ATM)

            Support Voice Navigation for basic ATM transaction:

                -    Cash withdrawal

                -    Balance enquiry

                -    Transfer

                -    Change PIN


            Find Voice Navigation Enabled ATMs

- Select “Voice Navigation Enabled (ATM)” service under the “More search options” of Branch and Express Banking Locator




Easy ATM Services

Accessible, simplified ATM services for basic transactions.

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Transfer
  • Change password
  • Balance enquiry

Cash deposit machines

  • Deposit up to 150 notes each transaction
  • Daily maximum deposit HKD100,000
  • Accepts denominations of HKD100, HKD500 and HKD1,000
  • Real time credit to bank account
  • No PIN required
  • Verifies account name, number and amount before confirming transaction


Customers can make cash deposit transactions at cash deposit machines of HSBC Group in Hong Kong (including Hang Seng Bank).

Multi-function machines

These perform the same functions as an ATM and cash deposit machine (with deposit up to 100 notes each transaction) combined, with the exception of the envelope deposit service.


Customers can make cash deposit transactions at multi-function machines of HSBC Group in Hong Kong (including Hang Seng Bank).

Cheque deposit machines

  • Deposit up to 30 cheques at once
  • Comprehensive advice includes cheque image, cheque amount and deposit account name3
  • Accepts local clearing HKD and USD cheques
  • Access accounts using either card or account number
  • Account credited instantly 4
  • Some machines available 24/7 – instant credit deadline extended in these machines to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Clearing takes the same time as counter deposits

3 With the exception of USD cheques.

4 Hong Kong dollar cheques (except USD Cheques) deposited before 4:30pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 5:00pm on Fridays are shown in your account instantly. To provide better service, cheque deposit machines in selected locations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cutoff time of these machines has been extended to 5.30pm Mondays to Fridays. Funds will be available after clearing, just in the same time and manner as the cheque deposited over the counter.

Passbook update machines

Update HKD or CombiNations savings accounts passbooks.

Additional resources


Learn how to keep your cards and cash safe from fraud and theft.

ATM PIN generator

Generate or reset a PIN with the instant PIN generator handset.

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Find renminbi ATMs including the address and operating hours.


As the travel season is coming up, we’d like to provide you with some tips on using overseas ATM cash withdrawal services.