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Trade with Hong Kong's Best Broker1

Join Top Trader Club: You may earn up to HKD30,000 interest every month!

Enjoy an interest rate of 10% p.a. for 1-month Hong Kong Dollar time deposits by making just 1 trade per month. You may earn up to HKD30,000 interest every month. Terms and conditions apply.

Build and manage your stock portfolio with the best broker in Hong Kong

With HSBC, you're not just buying stocks. You're also buying convenience, reliability, security and trust.

  • Convenience

    24/7 stock trading across any channel that is convenient to you, whether it's through your mobile, online or via a branch or call center. Manage your banking and investment needs all under one roof.
  • Reliability

    Trading requires reliable platforms that won't fail on you. That's why we invest a lot in technology so that our online platforms are always available when you need them. If that wasn't enough, we also provide human support through our branches and contact centers.
  • Security

    Knowing you are trading in a safe and secure environment is essential when choosing your broker. With our international bank grade security, only you will be able to access your trading needs quickly and securely through biometrics or via your Mobile Security Key.
  • Trust

    Over 155 years of keeping people's money in Hong Kong safe – there are some things money can't buy.

Find out more below about the fantastic trading services we offer.

1Finance Asia awarded HSBC as "HK Best Broker" in 2019

2 HSBC won top prize for Securities Company of the Year at the Bloomberg Businessweek - Financial Institution Awards 2020

3 HSBC won top prize for Brokerage Service at the Bloomberg Businessweek - Financial Institution Awards from 2020 to 2023 for four consecutive years

Excellence Performance - Securities - Brokerage Service
Excellence Performance - Securities - Brokerage Service
Excellence Performance - Securities - Securities Company of the Year
Excellence Performance - Securities - Securities Company of the Year
Bloomberg businessweek financial institution awards 2021  bancasecurities brokerage service

Stocks Offers

  • Enjoy up to HKD10,000 Cash Rebate for Stocks Transfer-in until 31 Dec 2023 when you transfer-in or deposit your shares into HSBC. Learn More [PDF]
  • Handling fee waiver for applying stock IPO via Internet or Mobile Banking1
  • Waiver on brokerage fee and related tariffs for Stocks Monthly Investment Plan. Learn More [PDF]



1.Promotional period is from 1 January to 31 December 2023.

How to invest

Personal Internet Banking users

Easy Invest App

Icon of HSBC easyinvest app

HSBC HK Mobile banking App

Icon of HSBC mobile app

Don't have an HSBC investment account?

Need Help? 

HSBC Jade: (852) 2233 3033

HSBC Premier: (852) 2996 6822

HSBC One: (852) 2996 6833

HSBC Personal Integrated Banking: (852) 2233 3000

Stock Order Placement Hotline hours:

8:00am – 4:10pm Monday-Friday

Explore HSBC stock trading services

Stock Trading

Trade with Hong Kong's best broker.

  • Settle orders straight into your current or savings account
  • Complete flexibility to trade through any channel you choose
  • Trade across Hong Kong, US and China A shares
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HSBC Trade25

$0 commission stock trading

  • Customers aged 18-25 can enjoy $0 commission stock trading
  • Just pay a flat monthly fee of HKD25 for up to HKD250,000 monthly trading turnover
  • Simply join using the HSBC HK Easy Invest app in a few simple steps

HSBC Top Trader Club

Taking your trading to the top

  • Brokerage fees as low as 0.01%, HKD time deposit rates at 10% p.a.
  • Volume-based brokerage fees for all your trading in Hong Kong stocks, China A shares and US stocks.
  • Join HSBC Top Trader Club today on HSBC HK Easy Invest app or HSBC Online Banking
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Stock Monthly Investment Plan (SMIP)

A great option for first time stock-traders to build your portfolio month-by-month.

  • Absolutely no fees at all (we even cover trading fees like stamp duty)
  • Benefit from Dollar Cost Averaging and worry less about market timing
  • Complete flexibility to increase, decrease, redirect or sell your SMIP at anytime at no cost whatsoever

HSBC HK Easy Invest

Our safe and secure stock trading app.

  • Place a trade in just 5 taps and place orders directly from the bid/ask queue or interactive chart
  • Check out the top 10 Hong Kong stocks other HSBC investors are actively trading via HSBC TradeTrack
  • Stay up to date with news for you that's tailored to your portfolio
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An initial public offering (IPO) is a company's first sale of stocks to raise funds for the issuer.

  • Subscribe to and start trading Hong Kong and RMB Stock IPO shares on their first listing day
  • Enjoy brokerage waiver when subscribing via HSBC HK Easy Invest app, HSBC HK Mobile Banking app ,or HSBC Personal Internet Banking
  • IPO Loans available on certain listings

Securities Margin Trading

Enjoy HSBC's Securities Margin Trading Service to generate greater potential returns.

  • Additional funds of up to 60% of the total value of stocks for purchase
  • Large variety of eligible securities with variable margin ratios to choose from
  • Trade securities and get real-time market information by multiple channels
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A woman is using her mobile on the street

Warrants, Inline Warrants and CBBCs

For more sophisticated investors looking to increase potential returns through leverage and enhance returns beyond the market

  • Hedge your risk using Warrants or CBBCs on the underlying stock
  • Capture movements of the underlying stock or index by paying only a fraction of the underlying price
  • Find out more by heading to our dedicated Warrants and CBBC platform