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A man is talking on the phone in street.; image used for HSBC Phone Banking.

Phone banking

How can we help? Simply tell us over the phone to access a full suite of automated banking services or reach an agent.

Bank anywhere, anytime with phone banking from HSBC

A single number for all your phone banking services.


  • Access your bank account, deposits,  make transactions and payments over the phone
  • Find branches and ATMs
  • Report lost credit or ATM cards
  • Make enquiries about digital banking, loans, mortgages, and other services
  • Manage your investment and credit card services
  • Access insurance and MPF services

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HSBC Global Private Banking customers

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HSBC Premier customers
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  • Quick tips
  • Shortcut keys for common enquiries 
  • User guide for dedicated service line: 

HSBC Global Private Banking customers

HSBC Premier Elite

HSBC Premier

Other customers

Caller Line Identification feature

To save you the hassle of entering banking account or credit card number every time, we've introduced the latest enhancement to our phone banking system.

Call us from your registered HK mobile number and our system will be able to recognise your banking profile.

How do I use Caller Line Identification?

Step 1:

Call us from your registered HK mobile number

Step 2:

Our system can recognise your banking profile right away

Step 3:

Input your 6-digit phone banking PIN or get voice verification done


This feature is only applicable for HK mobile number maintained in customer’s record in the bank, subjected to mobile number received from telecom service provider.

If you are not calling from your registered HK mobile number, you will need to go through the usual bank account or credit card number input followed by phone banking PIN or voice verification.

This feature will be available from 20 November 2022 onwards, released to different hotlines in phases.

Conversational phone banking features

We've made phone banking an even easier and more natural experience now. Just call us and say what you need help with – our speech recognition technology will be able to understand you and direct you to the service you need.

Here's what our innovative phone banking service offers at a glance:

  • Smart technology that recognises your query and directs you to the right place
  • A voice-driven menu that replaces the touch-tone menu
  • Self-service options once you verify your identity via phone banking PIN or Voice ID
  • Support in 3 languages: Cantonese, English and Mandarin

Please see our FAQs to learn more.

How do I use conversational phone banking?

State your reason for calling

Step 1:

State your reason for calling when you hear "In a few words, tell me the reason for your call now." For example, you can say "make a transfer" or "check my balance".

Confirm that we've got it right

Step 2:

Respond with only 'Yes' or 'No' when confirming your reason for the call or repeat the keyword provided by the system.

Or, you can press the shortcut keys for quicker access to self-services.

Get the support you need

Step 3:

You will be directed to the relevant service points once we successfully recognise your reason for calling. 

If we are unable to recognise your reason for calling after a second attempt, you will be directed to a simplified menu to select the service you require.

Watch our video to find out how conversational phone banking works

Tips for a better conversational phone banking experience

  • Listen and follow the instructions
  • Keep the microphone close to your mouth
  • Refrain from talking loudly. Speak naturally and at a normal volume
  • Avoid calling from loud places. Excessive background noise might affect call quality
  • Avoid hesitations and long pauses
  • Use simple and short keywords from this list of references

Register for phone banking

How to register: Call the hotline, then register new phone banking service with ATM pin, then set up and confirm phone banking pin and then complete the registration

Registration is easy

  1. Phone the respective hotline
  2. Use any of your ATM or credit cards and respective PIN to register

Your phone banking PIN

With one single PIN, you can use it even when you set up new accounts and services. Just use any bank account or credit card number registered in your name plus your phone banking PIN to access the service. Joint account holders also need to provide separate identity document numbers or dates of birth.

Reset phone banking PIN

You can reset your PIN by calling the hotline number, or at any HSBC ATM in Hong Kong.

For security and so you can gain instant access to phone banking, resetting your PIN will also reset your phone banking transfer limit for non-registered third party accounts to zero. Visit any HSBC branch to restore your previous limit.

Important notice: Making phone banking even more secure

We are required to send you a text message notification when you carry out these transactions through phone banking:

  • Transferring money to an unregistered third party account
  • Making a bill payment to a merchant in the Securities and Brokers, Sport and Leisure or Finance Company categories

Please update your mobile number using Personal Internet Banking or phone banking during office hours. If we don’t have a valid mobile number from you to send an SMS text message notification, you won’t be able to carry out these transactions using phone banking.


HSBC Voice ID is now available. Voice ID uses advanced voice biometric technology to verify your identity with your unique voice.


Important notice: Enhance the security of phone banking

To complete the following designated instructions via phone banking, in addition to verification with your phone banking PIN or Voice ID, we also need to verify with a one-time passcode sent by SMS. A notification will be sent to your pre-registered mobile number and/or e-mail address once the transaction is completed. For details, please contact our phone banking customer service officer.

  • Change personal information and address (including mobile phone/residential telephone number/work telephone number, e-mail address and correspondence address)
  • Phone banking non-registered account transfer
  • Set overseas ATM withdraw limit
  • ATM and credit card PIN request
  • Reset phone banking PIN
  • Personal phone banking service enrolment
  • Autopay modification (limit increase)
  • Standing instruction modification (amount increase)
  • Change personal internet banking security details
  • Security device activation / Mobile Security Key activation and reset
  • Request a cheque book
  • Account conversion to HSBC Premier
  • Bill payment for designed merchants - 'Finance merchants', 'Securities broker', 'Sports and leisure'

Please ensure you have a valid mobile phone number updated in your bank records and get your mobile phone ready to carry out the transactions. Please note that SMS may take longer to receive overseas. 


If you need to update your mobile number, you can update via the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app / HSBC Online Banking, by visiting our branch, by mail, or by calling our customer service hotline. Instructions on how to update can be found on our 'Change contact details' page

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