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Shape up your finances, together with HSBC FinFit

We're here to boost your FinFit

Financial fitness (FinFit) matters to us all and we are proud to introduce HSBC Finfit to help you attain the knowledge, attitude and behaviours to better manage your finances while making the most of your wealth now and into the future.

First, what is FinFit?

HSBC FinFit is a platform to help you improve your financial fitness through:

  • Better understanding of financial products, concepts and risks
  • Nurturing the skills and confidence to become more aware of financial challenges and opportunities
  • Having the confidence to make well-informed wealth management and financial planning choices

How is FinFit measured?

At the moment, the Hong Kong Banking population is at 67/100 on the HSBC FinFit Index. Here are the four categories used to calculate the score:

Illustration showing the findings of FinFit index. The scores are: 72 for Financial Habits; 65 for Financial Knowledge; 60 for Financial Planning; 76 for Financial Security & Safety. 55% of the population have money worries in the past 6 months; only 38% are confident in retirement preparation; 44% of them invest to grow wealth.

What can you do to become more FinFit?

It's much easier than you think, simply follow these 4 simple steps:

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Step 1: Create habits for savings and budgeting

Establish regular routines for savings and budgeting while keeping a 6-month cash reserve for rainy days.

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Step 2: Manage wealth wisely

Better understand investment products so you can deploy them at your advantage, such as finding ways to create more passive income.

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Step 3: Find protection and financial freedom through better financial planning

Review your financial plans and rebalance your portfolio as you see fit, especially to help with growing your wealth and planning for retirement.

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Step 4: Take advantage of HSBC FinFit

where we provide you with knowledge to build your foundation with FinFit101, offer you advice on how to improve your financial fitness with FinFit Tips, and broaden your horizons with timely wealth management FinFit Hot Topics.

Everyone can be FinFit