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Exclusive offers

With your family needs in mind, HSBC Premier offers a suite of products and services worldwide to help you and your family make the bold strides to seize wealth opportunities.

As your visions take you towards newer opportunities around the globe, HSBC Premier provides a suite of products and services worldwide to cater to the world you’re building for you and your family.

Start your children's next stage of wealth management

Earn HKD300 cash vouchers when your children upgrade to HSBC Premier Next Generation1. The sooner they become familiar with financial planning tools, the more likely they are to manage their wealth successfully.

What's more, your children will also enjoy Below Balance Fee waiver2 upon successful account opening3.  
Contact your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager or visit our branch with your children to learn more!

Preferential privileges and offers

  • HSBC Premier Mastercard® exclusive rewards

    1) Apply online to get up to $800 RewardCash. See details and T&Cs.
    2) Accumulate eligible spending including online, local or overseas to the designated amount to earn up to an extra HK$2,000 RewardCash. See details and T&Cs.

    3) Receive up to $6,000 RewardCash by paying new policy's premium of selected insurance plans to HSBC Life using HSBC Premier Mastercard® Credit Card. See details and T&Cs.

    4) Enjoy 1 month Netflix subscription fee spending rebate when you subscribe for every 4 consecutive months . See details and T&Cs.

    5) Enjoy a complimentary, unlimited access to Medical Advice by Digital Health Assistant and Video Consultations by MyDoc through its designated website. See details and T&Cs.

  • HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card

    1) Power up your account with multi-currency spending and free cash withdrawal from HSBC Group ATMs worldwide using the HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card, and enjoy $0 fee for any transactions at home or abroad and 0.4% cash rebate on all eligible purchases. See details and T&C.

    2) Get a HSBC Mastercard® Supplementary Debit Card for your loved ones and enjoy the same easy access to 12 major currencies and fee-free benefits. See details and T&C.

  • Deposit

    Enjoy preferential new fund time deposit interest rates for HKD/USD/RMB and other selected currencies via online and mobile banking. See details and T&Cs.

  • Currency exchange

    1) New-to-FX customers can get HKD100 cash reward for every accumulated eligible FX transaction of HKD50,000 (or its equivalent), up to HKD10,000 cash reward per customer. See details and T&Cs.

    2) New-to-FX customers can enjoy up to 1% cash rebate4 for exchanging travel currencies including JPY, THB & SGD from HKD and spending with the HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card all together.

    3) Enjoy up to 10.8% p.a. for 1 week when you exchange selected currencies and place them in a time deposit via HSBC HK App at the same time. See details and T&Cs.

    4) Enjoy HKD 100 cash reward for HKD 50,000 (or its equivalent) accumulated FX transaction via FX Order Watch. See details and T&Cs.

  • Insurance

    1) Enjoy 10% off first-year premium and any subsequent renewal for Overseas StudySurance and get HKD 400 YATA gift certificates on every eligible Policy, with campaign code HP2021 during application. See details and T&C.

    2) Enjoy 20% off first-year premium and 15% off second-year premium for ResidenceSurance. See details and T&Cs.

    3) Enjoy 30% off on 1st year premium for MultiTrip TravelSurance and 15% off on premium for Single Trip TravelSurance. See details and T&Cs.

  • Stock

    1) Join HSBC Top Trader Club to enjoy brokerage fees as low as 0.01% and 5% p.a. HKD time deposit rates and enjoy a Rosewood staycation package worth up to HKD55,000 when you reach Trading Tier 3 or above. See details and T&C.
    2) Get up to HKD5,000 cash rebate exclusive for Premier customers by transferring-in Hong Kong stocks, China A shares and US stocks. See details and T&Cs.

  • Unit trust

    1) Enjoy 0.68% initial subscription charge on your first unit trust order. See details and T&Cs

    2) Enjoy initial charge offer as low as 1% and first 6 month initial charge waiver for Unit Trust Monthly Investment Plan. See details and T&Cs.

  • Structured products and bonds/certificates of deposit (CD)

    1) Get HKD1,250 cash rebate for every HKD500,000 subscription of any ELI/bond (excluding Retail Bond IPO) without cap. See details and T&Cs.

    2) Get HKD160 cash rebate for every HKD200,000 subscription of any DPS/CPI/CD without cap. See details and T&Cs.


    1) Consolidate your MPF personal accounts to enjoy up to HKD12,000 bonus unit rebates. See details and T&Cs.

    2) Open an HSBC MPF TVC (Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions) account and make contributions to enjoy up to HKD60,000 tax deduction and HKD3,000 bonus unit rebates. See details and T&Cs.

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Additional risks are disclosed in the “Risk Disclosure” section. Please refer to “Risk Disclosure” section for details.

Structured Investment Deposits, Deposit Plus, Capital Protected Investment Deposits and CDs are not protected deposits and are not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. Deposit Plus and Certificates of Deposit is NOT principal protected.

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