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HSBC investments

Take your wealth goals to new heights with our suite of investment services.

Investing with us

Whatever your wealth goals may be, they're important to us. And it doesn't matter if you're a novice investor wondering how to invest or a seasoned pro, we're here to help you build a wealth strategy that works just for you with our suite of investment services.

Explore our suite of investment products

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Trade stocks across all 3 major markets – Hong Kong, US and China A shares – through online, branch or phone channels to earn potential returns from market growth and dividends.

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Trade in FX anytime, anywhere, to benefit from potential returns and capital appreciation.

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Diversify your investments into different asset classes and worldwide markets with our professionally managed unit trusts.

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Enjoy the stability of a steady income by investing in our range of investment grade and high-yield bonds and CDs.

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Customise your investment strategy in line with your market expectations.

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All you need is HKD100 to start your fund investing journey.

Learn to invest in 7 days

Want to invest your money but not sure how to get started? We created a simple course to teach you the basics in just a week. Sign up and get your first free lesson today!

Looking for investment ideas?

Still thinking about what products to invest in? Compare different investment tools based on your investment preferences and tenor to find the best fit.

Don't miss out on these great offers

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FX Time Deposit offer

Get up to 9.80% p.a. interest when you convert new funds and make a time deposit.

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Stocks Monthly Investment Plan (SMIP) offer

We'll waive any brokerage fees when you subscribe to an SMIP for your investment portfolio.

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Want more perks?

Check out more wealth offers we have in store for you.

Stay updated with our wealth insights

The ebb and flow of markets could impact your investment strategy. Make informed investment decisions with our curated market insights and trend updates.

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Tap on our take on the market to see how to allocate your money into different asset classes.

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Read our comprehensive monthly overview of the market.

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Learn how to navigate a volatile market and build your personal wealth strategy.