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Your international partner

Round-the-clock international support in managing your finances more easily from anywhere in the world.

Explore opportunities overseas with HSBC Premier Elite

Enjoy unparalleled global support for all your international needs, and let your aspirations extend beyond any borders or limits. 

Manage your finances no matter where you are

International Account Opening

Set up your overseas account via our International Banking Centres and make cross-country / region transactions with preferential processing fees and exchange rates.

Learn more about our global banking services, taking care of your banking needs in popular destinations such as Mainland China, UK, Singapore, Australia.

HSBC Premier Elite Passport

Enjoy exclusive access to preferential rates, tailored products, and an enhanced level of service in Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore as our HSBC Premier Elite customer[@premier-elite-customer-status].

  • Enjoy Elite status across 3 regions
    Eligible to open Premier accounts with HSBC Premier Elite Passport status in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore without having to meet extra local eligibility requirements (such as Total Relationship Balance or other criteria).
  • Unlock access to discounts, waivers and more
    Enjoy preferential rates, discounts, fee waivers, and enhanced services, exclusive for HSBC Premier Elite customers in these regions.

HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card

Spend overseas, shop online and withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide hassle-free, with zero foreign transaction fees or ATM withdrawal fees on your HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card.

  • Spending made easy anytime and anywhere
    Spend in foreign currencies with ease[@premier-elite-12-fx-currencies] while traveling around the world. Use your card to pay in stores, online or in-app no matter where you are.
  • Fee-free payment and cash withdrawal
    Enjoy $0 foreign currency transaction fees for spending in any currencies. Withdraw cash from HSBC Group and Mastercard/Cirrus ATMs anywhere in the world, for free.

360 International support

Whether you're sending your children overseas for studying, or starting a new life yourself abroad, we've got your international needs covered.

  • International education
    Explore our global banking services and renowned education and lifestyle partners worldwide for any support you may need.
  • International mortgage
    Manage your overseas property investments easily with our one-stop resource –  from arranging fast-tracked international mortgages to providing market insights and trends.
  • HSBC Mastercard® Supplementary Debit Card
    Put aside any worries about currency exchange or your children's overseas living expenses with a multicurrency supplementary debit card.

Join the ranks of HSBC Premier Elite

How to qualify

HSBC Premier Elite is a privileged and personalised service for clients who maintain Total Relationship Balance of at least HKD7.8 million with us in Hong Kong. Terms and conditions apply. 

Get started

By meeting with us

Tell us about your needs and let us help you take it from there.

By calling us

Or if you prefer, you can speak to us over the phone instead.

Existing HSBC Premier Elite clients

(852) 2233 3033

New clients

(852) 2233 3377

Lines are open 24 hours.

Explore more at HSBC Premier Elite

Free Global Transfers

With HSBC Global Transfers, you can manage all your HSBC accounts globally with one single log on, and make instant transfers between your accounts or to third-party HSBC accounts abroad[@transfer-and-payment-free-instant-transfer], instantly and free of charge.

Access to Premier Centres globally

You will have access to Premier Centres anywhere in the world, providing you comfort, privacy and enhanced services while you discuss your needs with us.