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Man using computer; image used for HSBC Live Chat.

Live Chat

Instant messaging to us

Live Chat is a service on our website that lets you instant messaging to communicate with us. Whether you need help managing your accounts, are curious about HSBC products, or have general inquiries about designated accounts, transactions or applications, you can now chat with us in real time.

It is a free service being available on selected pages of our public website as well as on Personal Internet Banking.


Chat is available 9am to 10pm, Monday to Friday for insurance and investment services; 24/7 for all other services.


Chatbot is available in designated journeys to assist you with your banking needs and questions.


Our automated chat and agents can be reached through Live Chat regardless of your device being used.

How do I use Live Chat?

The Live Chat feature will appear on certain pages where some customers have reported difficulties. On those pages, you'll be able to see the Live Chat icon on the right edge of your browser. Just click on the icon and a chat window will pop up immediately.

1. Select the Live Chat icon when it appears on the right edge of your browser. A chat window will pop up immediately.

Click "Start Chat" when the invitation box is prompted out

2. After reading the disclaimer, enter your name and other requested information and select 'Submit' to start the chat.

Enter your name in the dialog box and click "Submit"

3. You will be connected with our Automated Chat or Customer Service Officer to start the conversation.

You can start to chat by typing your questions in the chat box

Note: Please do not tell us any security details in the conversation.