HSBC Safeguard

In today’s increasingly connected world, financial crime is a growing global issue. Banks play a vital role in protecting the integrity of the financial system upon which we all depend and HSBC is committed to meeting the highest standards in its controls against financial crime. We want to work with you to keep criminals away and protect things that matter to you. Having accurate information about all our customers is a key part of our ability to detect and fight financial crime.

Criminals who try to access the financial system harm lives and communities everywhere through activities such as human trafficking and illegal drugs trading, as well as fraud and identity theft. We believe these issues matter to everyone and we want to work with our customers to fight these criminals.

Information is crucial to preventing financial crime. Update your information with us now.

To succeed, we need more information about our customers than in the past: from customers opening new accounts, to existing customers. Understanding who we bank with, the source of their wealth and the purpose of banking with HSBC is vital to preventing financial crime. This is why we have launched HSBC Safeguard.

We will be requesting up-to-date information from our customers. We understand these kinds of requests from banks can take up time in your busy schedule and we want to thank you in advance for helping us in the fight against financial crime.  We will continue to enhance our digital platforms to make it more convenient for our customers to respond to our requests.

Data protection and security.

Updating existing customer information and collecting new customer information ensures that our systems and processes are better able to protect the integrity of the financial system. We take our obligation to protect your data very seriously, so all information you provide will be subject to HSBC's high data and security standards.

What do you need to do next?

You do not need to do anything at the moment. We will be contacting customers individually when we need additional or updated information. 


Watch this film where Diana Cesar, Chief Executive of HSBC Hong Kong, explains why HSBC is committed to working with customers to fight financial crime.

Why HSBC is committed to working with customers to fight financial crime

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