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Three best friends are shopping online together; image used for HSBC Spending Instalment Plan Article.

Here's how to use your credit card to manage your budget.

A couple is checking their laptop, image used for "5 Factors to consider before applying for a loan" article

Consider these 5 things before applying for a loan!

A man is using his laptop, image used for "Compare tax loans vs instalment loans" article

A comparison of Tax Loan with Instalment Loan.

A man is thinking and planning his project, image used for "Factors to consider before applying for a loan" article

6 points to note before applying for a loan.

Four people are claping their hands to cheer up, image used for "Advice on starting a business" article

A good idea is all it takes to start a business.

Daughter is hugging her mother in graduation ceremony, image used for "Important things to consider when studying abroad" article

What else does one need to consider?

A couple is changing their new house, image used for "List of space-saving solutions" article

Space-saving solutions for micro-living.

Four people feel good and thumbs up together, image used for "Be your own boss " article

But do you know how to start a business?

A girl is looking at her phone, image used for "Tax Loan Strategy!" article

Tips on what to look for before applications.