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Plan ahead for overseas ATM withdrawal

As the travel season is coming up, we'd like to provide you with some tips on using overseas ATM cash withdrawal services.

Activate your overseas ATM withdrawal limit before travel

Before you travel overseas, please set the overseas ATM withdrawal limit for your ATM/ debit card(s) or credit card(s). You can set the limit through HSBC Mobile Banking, Phone Banking, at any HSBC Branch or through any HSBC/Hang Seng ATM in Hong Kong.

Overseas cash withdrawal with your HSBC UnionPay ATM chip card

You can use your HSBC UnionPay ATM chip card for cash withdrawal at any overseas HSBC ATM1 except in Argentina, France, Greece, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand and Turkey.

You can also use ‘Mobile Cash Withdrawal’ on the HSBC HK Mobile Banking app to get cash from non-HSBC Group ATMs that support UnionPay QR Code Withdrawal service in mainland China2. Simply scan a QR code at the ATM to get your cash.

Apart from using your UnionPay ATM chip card, you can also withdraw cash at all overseas HSBC ATMs and PLUS/Cirrus ATMs with an HSBC PLUS ATM chip card or an HSBC Visa/MasterCard credit card.

To use the PLUS/Cirrus network, you can either: 

  1. Apply for an additional PLUS ATM chip card3 by downloading the 'Plus ATM Chip Card Enrolment Form' from HSBC's website or by visiting any HSBC branch in Hong Kong, or
  2. Link your bank account(s) to your personal HKD Visa/MasterCard credit card(s)4.

We've listed below the ATM cash withdrawal fee per transaction at overseas ATMs5 via different ATM networks for your easy reference:

Cash withdrawal fee per transaction

PLUS/Cirrus ATM Network

UnionPay ATM Network

Overseas ATM cash withdrawal HKD40 HKD50

The transaction fees for ATM cash withdrawals are subject to change from time to time. 
Please refer to the latest bank tariffs at for details.

Smart tips for travelling:

Overseas purchase and cash withdrawal with your HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card

You can use your HSBC Mastercard® Debit Card for making overseas purchases and cash withdrawals from HSBC Group ATMs anywhere in the world.

We won’t charge you handling fees for any transaction at home or abroad. You can also withdraw cash from HSBC Group ATMs anywhere in the world, with no handling fees. Your purchases and cash withdrawals in 12 major currencies can be debited directly from the corresponding foreign currency deposits in your HSBC integrated account. These currencies include HKD, USD, GBP, JPY, RMB, EUR, THB, AUD, NZD, SGD, CAD and CHF. Any purchases outside of these currencies will be settled in HKD according to the prevailing exchange rate.

Smart tips for travelling:


  1. To locate our ATMs in different countries/regions, please visit the UnionPay International website and select "ATM Query" for more information on the alternative networks which support UnionPay ATM cards.
  2. Please visit the UnionPay International website to see which banks support withdrawals through the UnionPay QR Code Withdrawal service.
  3. Please note that the new PLUS ATM chip card will be linked to the HKD current account of any HSBC integrated account. If you wish to use overseas ATM services with this PLUS ATM chip card, please maintain sufficient funds in your HKD current account before departure.
  4. After linking your bank account(s) to Visa/MasterCard credit cards, you may access your bank account(s) through the PLUS/Cirrus ATM network. In the event that any particular ATM does not show account selections (this will vary from bank to bank and account selection service may not be available), a cash advance fee will be charged for a cash withdrawal from your credit card account.
  5. Overseas local bank surcharge may be levied (if applicable).

If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.



November 2022

Issued by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Emergency encashment service

If you want to know more about an overseas ATM withdrawal or if you need emergency cash assistance overseas, please visit our website or call our customer service hotlines as follows: